a project enabler
BOSAGORA focuses on building an open decentralized blockchain that ensures transparency of the consensus algorithm and clarity of contracts. BOSAGORA will play a vital role in making a better world with blockchain technology as a project enabler.
Pursuing democracy, legitimacy, fairness, transparency, and efficiency of the highest standard.
Congress Network, Decentralized collaborative decision-making system
BOSAGORA focuses on establishing a decentralized blockchain platform which can implement a democratic decision-making process based on Trust Contracts and Congress Network.
Trust Contracts, securely execute contracts based on a protocol layer
The BOSAGORA team aims to implement Trust Contracts, which will provide an efficient and safely designed contract creation engine in an easy-to-develop language with many tools to be used by all.
Built-In Governance, Deliberative decision-making platform
BOSAGORA has developed a deliberate decision-making platform, Votera, for stakeholders. Through Votera, node operators can make proposals, participate in discussions and then vote on the proposals.
Who’s building BOSAGORA
Inhwan Kim
Inhwan Kim brings over 35 years of marketing experience to the BOSAGORA team. During these 35 years Inhwan Kim has been the driving force behind many industry leading brands spanning from IT all the way to traditional finance. Some of these brands include the stock trading community portal Paxnet and the spring water brand Jeju Samdasu. Inhwan Kim has been apart of the BOS Platform Foundation since 2015 where he served as president.
Serge Komaromi

Immediately after graduating from law school in Geneva, Switzerland Serge Komaromi joined the international bank UBS where he served as a fund manager. In 2009 after spending what seemed like a lifetime in traditional banking Serge Komaromi decided to turn his efforts to environmental initiatives in the hopes of contributing to the improvement of the state of our planet. In 2017 Serge Komaromi joined the BOSAGORA Foundation, and has been in charge of general oversight and legal matters.

Munsu Lee
Vice President
Since the early 1990s, Munsu Lee has been a pioneer in the IT industry. He began his career by creating the very first cloud computing system in Korea. From there he went on to create enterprise intranet groupware and shopping mall solutions. Munsu Lee has also become a cornerstone in the financial sector by creating the foundation of many stock market and financial services that enterprise caliber companies leverage to this day. Since 2014, Munsu Lee has provided security solutions for both traditional financial institutions and cryptocurrency exchanges. Munsu Lee joined BOSAGORA in 2017 and is now currently the vicepresident of the foundation and CEO of BPF Korea.
In April 2019, we launched a new brand called BOSAGORA. BOSAGORA came from the word “BOS” and “AGORA” combined together, which shows the true birth of democracy. We would like to enable you to partner with us as easily as possible. To streamline this process we have created a visual brand style guide for you to display our partnership correctly.