BPF has hosted Geneva Meetup with Defora in Geneva, known as the center for direct democracy, on Nov. 12th. Around 60 UN, NGO officials and individuals attended for BOSAGORA introduction and Defora showcase, which will function as a congress for BOSAGORA.

Defora is a deliberative decision-making application being developed by Korea Smart Authentication, co., where the foundation is the biggest shareholder. It plans to be embedded in our mainnet to function as a congress. Through this, collective intelligence will emanate in the congress voting, and BOSAGORA’s ecosystem will grow healthy. Defora application is to be released as an open beta version in mid-January, 2020.

The response to meetup was incredibly good. For nearly three hours, there were heated questions and discussions, and there was a positive evaluation of the DeFora as a service to implement the direct democratic approach online, which is the ideology that Switzerland adopted. Such positive reactions are now being followed by concrete outcomes.

Here is the full version of Serge’s speech at Geneva meetup with Defora for you.

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