BOSAGORA & Defora, garnering attentions from Don Tapscott(author of Blockchain Revolution) & International Organizations

BOSAGORA & Defora, garnering attentions from Don Tapscott(author of Blockchain Revolution) & International Organizations

by Rooney

Since BOSAGORA Geneva meetup held last November, BOSAGORA and Defora became a focal point of local institutes and news outlets.

Leveraging on that, we were invited to Geneva Blockchain Congress held on January 20 by Gianfrance Moi, Digital affairs officer directorate-general for economic development, research and innovation, who attended BOSAGORA Geneva meetup earlier. There, we were offered a chance to present our BOSAGORA project and Defora.

After the presentation, we finished the conference successfully while drawing heated attention from various international organizations, businesses as well as Don Tapscott, the author of the ‘Blockchain Revolution’.

Geneva Blockchain Congress: The most reputable global conference envisioning the future of existing industries and blockchain.

It is difficult to find a conference with influential speakers and quality information corresponding to the philosophy and authority of the blockchain industry. That means, it is not easy to provide meaningful outcomes despite the prevalence of conferences. However, Geneva Blockchain Conference is a rare occasion where one can interact with influential speakers over impactful topics relevant to the convergence of blockchain, international organization, and existing industries.

It was Geneva municipal government that held this Geneva Blockchain Congress, and as you can notice by its title ‘congress’, it was a conference where international organizations like UN, NGO, NPO, and scholars altogether discussed the utilization of Blockchain and its future beside presenting blockchain projects.

A total of 1,000 people participated, 34 independent conferences were operated, 120 speakers from 15 countries delivered a speech to make it one of the most constructive conferences ever. On the main stage, ranking officials from Libra, IBM and Don Tapscott and other influential figures gathered together to exchange in-depth insights on the future direction of Blockchain.

BOSAGORA & Defora made their debut on the global stage

After the presentation of BOSAGORA and KoSAC, the audience and key figures poured out questions and showed a high interest in the characteristics and direction of BOSAGORA and KoSAC which together aims for ‘Blockchain Agora’ in which ‘anyone can express an opinion with equal rights’.

Especially, CEO Kibong Moon of KoSAC participated in panel discussion after delivering speech in “e-identity & e-voting” session about Defora as an integral service for digital deliberative democracy, following speeches of Jorn Erbguth, head of Tech Insight of Geneva Macro Lab, and professor Bryan Ford of EPFL University(Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Lausanne).

Kibong Moon, CEO of KoSAC is making his voice (the first on the right)

This session, attended by 80 audiences was an invaluable time to sense a high interest of people from Europe and all around the world on democratic decision making.

Networking & networking, for a better world

Before the conference, major VIPs participated in a networking session to discuss the future of Blockchain and exchange ideas on how to cooperate, and many of them showed particular interest in BOSAGORA.

Especially, we had a long discussion with Don Tapscott, author of the worldwide bestseller ‘Paradigm Shift’ and ‘Blockchain Revolution’, who showed great interest in writing down key points while we were explaining on the direction of BOSAGORA and Defora.

Diverse partnerships with international institutes and global companies expected

BOSAGORA sought after more business opportunities by participating in booth display on the venue. Thanks to an ideal location just in front of the conference gate, we received diverse questions and encouragement from officials of international organizations, professors of global universities and institutes, scholars, VIPs, and etc.

Among them, Jaeseop Lee, director of ITU, International Telecommunication Union,which is one of the 14 specialized organizations under the UN, visited our booth to ask many questions and give comments about blockchain and Defora as a means of communication after his presentation on the main stage.

Jaeseop Lee, director of ITU

Also, Mr. Isaac from Hongkong who participated in ICO in 2017 visited to give us positive feedback on newly launched activities and encourage what we are planning to do.

A challenge for the better world, all going together

Through Blockchain Congress, we not only learned the policy plan of international or state organization, technology trend of global companies, various projects underway in social impact field but also could discuss potential and convergence of blockchain and gained significant insight which might help our project.

Leveraging this occasion, BOSAGORA will create an environment where we can continuously interact and cooperate with them to make an envisioned ecosystem of BOSAGORA genuinely contribute to the globe and society.

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