BOSAGORA being listed on Bithumb & Bittrex Global, Implement broadcasting preimage, etc.

BOSAGORA being listed on Bithumb & Bittrex Global, Implement broadcasting preimage, etc.

by Rooney

Monthly Report Feb. 2020


February was a short month but that doesn’t mean that it was unproductive. The past month was quite the opposite of the BOSAGORA team. The biggest development that occurred in February was the implementation of preimage broadcasting. Focusing on preimage broadcasting allows us to move forward with development without having to worry about a lack of randomness within the network or the ability to manipulate data. The other piece of work completed this month was to add ‘agora-cli’ to our continuous integration (CI) pipeline. Adding ‘agora-cli’ to our CI pipeline allows us to automate another portion of our testing. Again, AGORA Validator development is an extremely large body of work but the team is getting closer and closer to finishing up Validator development. The following functionality is currently in development:

Core Development in January:
Monthly Activity:
Last month we had 58 pull-requests and 32 active issues. Of which:

  • 9 pull requests proposed
  • 49 pull requests merged
  • 22 new issues
  • 10 issues closed

Functionality Developed:
Preimage Broadcasting #492
This feature was developed by Jay during the last half of February. Implementing the broadcasting of pre-images ensures that registering as a validator occurs in round R. Based on white paper a node must broadcast the pre-image every round from round R+1. Validators can make their pre-image available by broadcasting a message comprising of the pre-image at a certain round and the round number, such as: (P, Nx), where P is the pre-image and Nx is: n — (rounds since enrollment). Should the network miss a preimage, a node is said to have defaulted. Such a node will not be able to re-enroll for consensus nor unfreeze their stake for a set period of time. Operating in such a way ensures that true randomness is achieved within the network without the ability to manipulate data.

Please refer to the Github link below for more information.

`agora-cli` is not tested by the CI #513

This feature was developed by Henry during the last part of February. Before this was implemented nothing in our continuous integration (CI) tried to compile ‘agora-cli’. The team needed to have at least a basic check of this in order to keep things moving efficiently through our CI pipeline.

Please refer to the Github link below for more information.

Ongoing Validator Development:


[Listing on Global Top Exchanges: Bithumb & Bittrex]

Last Wednesday, on March 4, BOSAGORA was simultaneously listed on the global top exchanges Bithumb Korea & Global, which was followed by listing on yet another global exchange, Bittrex Global, on Wednesday, March 11.

In the early stage of the cryptocurrency industry, Bithumb earned a reputation by ranked at No. 1 based on transaction volume. Even now, it remains a global top 3 exchange according to Coingecko.

Bittrex Global where BOSAGORA was listed after one week is another global top exchange. In particular, Bittrex Global is well known for its cutting-edge security network taking security and safety as a top priority and getting insurance worth KRW 354B. However, above all, it is emerging as an influential exchange with the recent move of equipping itself with an advanced transaction system that allows investors from UK, France, Germany, the Netherland to buy cryptocurrency with credit cards.

After listing on two large exchanges, we conducted AMA to answer questions from new investors, and even down the road, we will unfold various joint marketing events.

[Global Meetups Coming soon]

BOSAGORA is scheduled to participate in global meetups and conferences held in various countries and regions during this year. In the global cryptocurrency market, US market remains as the biggest market likened to a Pandora’s Box yet to be opened. Success in US triggers worldwide attention, so in this year, we will focus on participating conferences in North America including Canada and US and hold overseas meetups to promote and draw attention to BOSAGORA.

[Start to Hold AMAs]

BOSAGORA is actively resolving curiosities of holders in many fronts via holding AMA right before and after listing on the global top exchange. During March, we will expand our influence in the market by enticing continuous attention and enhancing understanding on BOSAGORA through AMA due to be held once a week.

[Introducing BOSAGORA with global YouTubers in multi languages]

We are producing project introductory contents in major global languages with global YouTubers to assist our holders in promoting BOSAGORA in their mother tongue no matter in which country they are. As of today, BOSAGORA has been introduced with the help of renowned global YouTubers in nine languages. We will continue to work on creating a healthy community via transparent operation and sharing of development outcomes with leading global YouTubers.


Here is a detailed look at expenses accrued for BOSAGORA for the month of January. To understand the attached document better, here is an explanation for each entry.

  • Salary: Salaries for 25 full-time employees.
  • Tax: Total of income tax and 4 major insurances (Korea specific)
  • Reserves for Retirement Allowance: Provision for advanced payment to be paid when employees retire (Korea specific)
  • Employee benefits: Members’ meal plans, snacks, team outings, etc.
  • Hardware: PC and other necessary equipment purchasing expenditures for the new entrants.
  • Operating
    – AWS (Amazon Web Services) and groupware (collaboration tools) cost, marketing cost, business trips and related meetings, stipends, VAT and other relevant operational expenditures.
  • Rent expenses: Office rental
  • Commission: Translation, administrative and taxation outsourcing service fees.
  • Professional fee: Intellectual properties (BOSAGORA, etc.) registration, accountants, legal services and other professional services fees.
  • Administrative expenses: Others

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