Make Enrollment Part of Consensus, USDT available for BOA on Bittrex Global, etc.

Make Enrollment Part of Consensus, USDT available for BOA on Bittrex Global, etc.

by Rooney

Monthly Report Mar. 2020


First and foremost, we hope that everyone is staying safe with the spread of COVID-19 affecting the entire world at this point. In March the world had no choice but to face largescale disruptions to daily routines, travel, public gatherings, and even the way we work. The BOSAGORA team in Seoul has remained safe and has continued development during this due to our ability to be agile and adjust to the global landscape. In March the team focused its efforts on delivering 5 core pieces of functionality. These 5 pieces of functionality are related to Consensus, Enrollment, Single-Binary Networks, and Quorum Balancing. Despite all of the uncertainty in the world nowadays, we are moving full speed ahead with development and our timeline remains the same. The following functionality is currently in development:

Core Development in March:
Monthly Activity:
Last month we had 80 pull-requests and 40 active issues. Of which:

  • 17 pull requests proposed
  • 63 pull requests merged
  • 17 new issues
  • 23 issues closed

Functionality Developed:

Make Enrollment Part of Consensus #565

This feature was developed by Henry during the first part of March. Currently, in the consensus protocol nodes reach consensus on a set of transactions. However, now that we have another data type that has to be placed in the block (Enrollment) the nodes need to reach consensus on Enrollments too, and not just transactions. Therefore the Nominator needs to be changed. In the future, this may be changed to vote on hashes instead, rather than passing around lots of data (Transaction data, Enrollment data). But this is a more complex task, so it should become its own issue

Please refer to the Github link below for more information.

Enrollment data should be written to the block. #493

This feature was developed by Henry during the first part of March. Writing Enrollment data to a block determines the height of the block that can participate in the validation as a validator. Validators needed for the consensus process can be determined and the number of validators between nodes can be set.

Please refer to the Github link below for more information.

Build single-binary networks #510

This feature was developed by Michael during the last part of March. We currently use both unit tests and full-fledged network tests using docker-compose. Full-fledged integration tests are quite expensive (require to spawn a container, no sharing of data, etc…). Our solution to test the networks to generate a single binary that would expose the network via the usual Node API.

Please refer to the Github link below for more information.

Design and implement quorum balancing #240

This feature was developed by Drey during the last part of March. Simply put, we need to know what algorithm to follow for quorum assignment in order for the protocol to prevent censorship while being open. The team took two degenerate cases into account when implementing the functionality. The first being when there is a single quorum with all nodes in it, safety is maximized, but so is communication overhead. The second case is when each node lives in their own quorum, safety does not exist but there is no communication: a less degenerate version would be having a ring where every node belongs to two quorums, each with another node (or: two nodes quorums). The purpose of quorum balancing is to produce a network graph with optimal safety & overhead. Note that the nodes that are quorum intersections are likely to be higher-staking nodes, as they have more to lose.

Please refer to the Github link below for more information.

Derive random seed from node’s private key #651

This feature was developed by Jay during the last part of March. We need to restore the random seed from abnormal situations of a node. One critical issue is losing the source of the random seed, which means a validator could lose its deposit if it can not reveal pre-images. So we need to implement a way to restore the source of the random seed and derive the source from a private key.

Please refer to the Github link below for more information.

Ongoing Validator Development:


[Bittrex USDT Market Open]

From 10 am(KST), Monday, March 30, it became possible to transact BOA with USDT at global exchange Bittrex. Now, you can transact BOA with USDT along with the existing BTC market not only in Bittrex but also in other exchanges where BOA is listed conveniently.

[Implemented various AMA]

Last March, we drew a lot of attention from cryptocurrency circles and global holders by consecutively being listed in large global exchange Bithumb and Bittrex. From thereon, we have seen active global trade volume while maintaining ranking around 150th in Coinmarketcap. As a result, we received requests for AMA from various countries whereby they asked questions like business plan and marketing after listing and plan for Mainnet development promised in the early stage of the project to which we gave answers.

Since AMA in various countries, we’ve seen visible community growth such as the influx of new members in BOSAGORA Telegram community and a spike in the number of Twitter followers. We will continue to conduct AMA in various countries with meaningful topics.

[Modified Marketing activity due to COVID-19]

Due to COVID-19, large-scale global conferences(BRG in Canada in April, Consensus in New York in May, Blockchain Week in Korea in June) and meetups we planned are either canceled or postponed.

BOSAGORA has decided to actively comply with policies aimed at preventing the Corona virus from spreading.

However, we keep searching for a prospective business partner while ensuring safety. We are holding meetings with prospective business partners one by one who intends to proceed with their undertaking based on our platform or who wish to utilize commons budget and contribute to our ecosystem. As soon as there is a visible outcome, we will notify the community.


Here is a detailed look at expenses accrued for BOSAGORA for the month of March. To understand the attached document better, here is an explanation for each entry.

  • Salary: Salaries for 25 full-time employees.
  • Tax: Total of income tax and 4 major insurances (Korea specific)
  • Reserves for Retirement Allowance: Provision for advanced payment to be paid when employees retire (Korea specific)
  • Employee benefits: Members’ meal plans, snacks, team outings, etc.
  • Hardware: PC and other necessary equipment purchasing expenditures for new entrants.
  • Operating
    – AWS (Amazon Web Services) and groupware (collaboration tools) cost, marketing cost, business trips and related meetings, stipends, VAT and other relevant operational expenditures.
  • Rent expenses: Office rental
  • Commission: Translation, administrative and taxation outsourcing service fees.
  • Professional fee: Intellectual properties (BOSAGORA, etc.) registration, accountants, legal services and other professional services fees.
  • Administrative expenses: Others

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