1st Year of BOSAGORA

1st Year of BOSAGORA

by Rooney

Message by President celebrating 1 year anniversary of BOSAGORA

Greetings to BOSAGORA community.

This is president Inhwan Kim.

It’s already been 1 year since we newly launched the BOSAGORA project to realize the plan from our Whitepaper as promised at the time of our ICO. There were many hardships in the early stages of launching, but on the back of a supportive community, we were able to stabilize quickly and immerse ourselves in development and I express the utmost gratitude for that.

Our team has worked tirelessly during past year to put our project on the right track. Although there still remain many outstanding problems, we can confidently say that many things were achieved during a short time frame.

Equipped ourselves with world class talent

First of all, we organized an optimal team consisting of top-notch talents in the field of development, marketing, and business development. As of today, 22 experts from 6 countries are making meaningful progress every second, putting utmost effort towards the goal of developing the most transparent and efficient Full-Node Public Blockchain platform notwithstanding barriers in terms of language and culture.

In the development side, we have embedded the SCP consensus algorithm optimized to BOSAGORA, and finished the development of Node function as well. The development of the validator function is 80% completed nearing to its end. Besides, we already started the development of parliament function making progress by achieving necessary elements step by step. Meanwhile, we are entering the phase of testing scalability and security to resolve the trilemma problem, the biggest obstacle faced by the Blockchain platform.

Finished air-drop and listing in exchanges

From May to September 2019, we received KYC and air-drop applications from original BOS holders, which resulted in BOA coin air-drop to people numbering 900. The portion of remaining coins, not claimed by holders, were burnt.

To ensure our holders can freely trade coins, we made sure to be listed on multiple exchanges. As of now, you can trade BOA on Bittrex global, Bithumb, Bithumb global, Coinbene, ecxx, and GDAC exchange. We are considering additional listings on global exchanges to put BOA coin under more attention from global coin investors.

Speeches at global conferences/ meetups

Through participating in various global conferences, we have formed relationships with many influential key players in the Blockchain industry. Many projects and influent figures including Don Tapscott, NGOs like UN, IMF, etc., aligned with our vision, and we plan to sign MOUs with several of them to solidify a working relationship in the future. We are certain that these MOUs will mark meaningful milestones further enriching the BOSAGORA ecosystem.

Meanwhile, we held several meetups ourselves which helped us to continue expanding our supporter base. In September, 2019, we invited scholars and municipal officials from Montreal, Canada, and Barcelona, Spain to have a deeper look into our vision of the “Blockchain for Commons” we have dreamt about. Many attendees recognized the need to incorporate blockchain in future city management, and we are still in frequent talks with them. Last November we attended meetups for the UN, NGO, scholars, and bureaucracies in Geneva, Switzerland. The vision of ‘Democratic governance of Blockchain’ that BOASAGORA is pursuing, drew strong attention from the audience. After the meetup, we were invited as a speaker to the ‘Geneva Blockchain Congress’ by the municipal government of Geneva and delivered our speech, followed by interview requests from world-renowned economic media CNN Money, in response to which our founder Serge Komaromi appeared to introduce our project.

Marketing Activities

We are making consistent progress in deploying various activities aimed at expanding the influence of BOA coin and BOSAGORA project. By listing information on ourselves in a multitude of coin info channels including Coinmarketcap, Coingecko, Blockfolio, Delta, Xangle, etc, many of those interested in BOA coin and BOSAGORA can now easily learn about us.

In addition, we continue holding AMA events in many cryptocurrency communities which results in promoting the potential of BOSAGORA to those who do not know about us. Global influencers like BitBoy are also in cooperation with us to transmit news about BOSAGORA. Besides this, we are managing various channels like Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Medium, Reddit to communicate with the world. Through streak of these activities, lots of people inflowed into our community, doubling its size.

Maintaining transparency

While keeping ourselves busy with the above-mentioned tasks, there is one thing we try never to lose sight of, and that’s transparency. Just as Blockchain itself, we believe the progress we make along the way and details of fund usage should be just and transparent to stand out among many global projects. We post monthly activity report, bi-weekly development status update, and send a monthly newsletter to share our progress status and issues with the community. Technical Advisory Board established to provide objective external advisory is also playing its important role.

Dear BOSAGORA community,

During the past year we established the foundation of the project while recognizing the true potential of ourselves and what expectations the market had of us. The next year will be another critical period for us as we will draw tangible outcomes beyond potential and expectation. We plan to flesh out our project with verification process through Testnet, application of congress function to run parliament, development, and verification of Burn Model to prevent excessive inflation, additional listing in major global exchange, the composition of an ecosystem with various partners, meetups in key regions to promote our status and vision.

COVID 19 has somewhat dampened activities in the industry. We could not help but cancel all scheduled events in the first half of 2020 like participation in global conferences, holding meetups in Europe/US/Asia. Although we have to shun ourselves from external activities, we are instead deciding to focus our efforts on technology development, a core factor of the project, and keeping an eye on the global economy and Blockchain trends in major countries. We believe such efforts will contribute to creating an outstanding success of BOSAGORA.

As we have done up to date, we will keep communicating transparently and steadily push forward to the implementation of our Whitepaper. We ask your continued interest and support.

Hope you and your family maintain a happy life without being affected by COVID 19.

Thank you.


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