The Direction of BOSAGORA Development and the Achievements of the past year

The Direction of BOSAGORA Development and the Achievements of the past year

by Rooney

Completed the basic structure of Full Node

Full Node means that one node has all the information on the corresponding blockchain. BOSAGORA’s full node has a genesis block creation function that announces the beginning of the blockchain, a P2P network function that allows users participating in the network to create their nodes and connect them to the network, gossip protocol that helps node participating in the network connection with other nodes, and catch-up phase that allows nodes which entered after genesis to catch up with the rest of the network. These core functions allow the full node to complete a perfectly flawless blockchain.

Designed and applied an efficient signature system and UTXO data structure for the development of Validator(validator function)

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Another unique function of the BOSAGORA platform, is our administrative interface which we’ve called Talos. With Talos users will be able to monitor their nodes and validators

Completion of the Quorum Balancing MVP to give openness to the composition of nodes participating in the consensus

Implementing and applying a slashing protocol to remove malicious nodes and a block generation compensation design is under progress

Slashing is a function that helps to restore stability in the ecosystem by removing nodes that commit malicious acts in the BOSAGORA network. To this end, the first step we took was to design a system that detects whenever pre-images are missing. By doing this we will be able to verify enrollment in the network and identify misbehaving individuals by their missing pre-images. One risk that a slashing protocol can introduce in the network is the potential of slashing innocent participants. Because of this, the team is taking measures to make sure that innocent individuals that may miss the opportunity to relay their pre-image for whatever reason will not be slashed as a result

Stoa (SDK and API)

We have fully developed Votera, an Android and iOS application as well as a Votera server that will act as one of the first uses for our Congress Network

Its name ‘Votera’ takes roots from the French word which means ‘to vote’ and in Korean, it sounds similar to ‘add’ in a sentence ‘please add one valuable voting right’. Votera aims for anonymity and 1 node 1 vote policy and will play important role in BOSAGORA ecosystem with the congress function where everyone has a say and where anyone can report distortion of public opinion and abuse which undermine the atmosphere if it occurs.


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