VOTERA, a Governance Tool for BOSAGORA

VOTERA, a Governance Tool for BOSAGORA

by Rooney

BOSAGORA is a self-evolving public blockchain platform that updates itself through a deliberation process. Important matters like the use of our commons budget can be decided using this process as well. There are many public blockchain projects with similar governance structures, but it’s nearly impossible to say their decision-making is without defects. Often times public opinion is easily swayed by provocative comments or excessive activity. We can also say that some important matters that depend on a democratic process are ultimately decided by only a select few while the opinions of the majority are ignored.

Also, in many cases, a lack of absolute anonymity hinders individuals from voicing their opinion about sensitive issues, and this in turn leads to public opinion being silenced without proper systematic discussion. Decision making in this fashion cannot be regarded as being anything that remotely resembles a democratic process. A true democratic decision-making blockchain platform should be as follows.

-All node operators should participate freely
-Preventing the distortion of public opinion, free from bias
-Everyone needs to be given a random name; anonymity is crucial
-The vote results should be stored in the blockchain transparently

Reaching an acceptable outcome by allowing every member to participate in an equal and rational way is finally possible thanks to the digital deliberative democracy platform VOTERA within the BOSAGORA system. Early this year, we disclosed part of the VOTERA UI.


Afterward, our team continued development and completed the beta version through which we can see how the tool works. Currently, we are configuring a system in which the voting result of VOTERA is automatically recorded and the decision made is smoothly executed on BOSAGORA blockchain.

I’m glad to unveil how VOTERA, the core of deliberative democracy public platform, runs today.

Introducing VOTERA


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