Strategic Business Alliance with Gongmanse, an Edutech company

Strategic Business Alliance with Gongmanse, an Edutech company

by Rooney

BOSAGORA has entered into a strategic business alliance with Gongmanse, Inc, an Edutech company with excellent business performance and global expansion. Gongmanse, Inc. recently launched ‘Gongmanse(meaning: study rocks)’, a portable video reference app for all subjects in elementary, middle, and high school courses. Gongmanse is a smart video learning dictionary that has never existed before, featuring a compressed lecture spanning 3 minutes. There are already 45,000 lecture clips, and one can search for lecture videos with more than 80,000 keywords. Gongmanse, which has been recognized for its competitiveness and educational effectiveness, has received love calls for textbooks of large private academies, the welfare of employees of large corporations, and textbooks of visiting tutoring from the time even before the service were launched. They plan to expand the scope of the contents besides the general curriculum to include video lecture contents about investment in stock and cryptocurrency.

From now on, BOSAGORA and Gongmanse, Inc. plan to cooperate in various fields.

  • Link Gongmanse’s services such as Gongmanse, Jumanse(meaning: stock rocks/stock investment lecture), Cmanse(meaning: crypto rocks/cryptocurrency investment lecture) to the BOA coin ecosystem
  • BOSAGORA provides consulting on the expansion of Gognamanse business(marketing advice, initial capital funding arrangement, commons budget utilization advice, etc.)
  • Conduct joint global expansion into North America, China, and Vietnam
  • Establish a win-win strategy to share benefits with BOSAGORA ecosystem and node operators
  • Role as a mutual marketing channel(promotion, event, etc)

More specifically, in the mid to long term, we intend to promote mutual synergy in the following ways.

  1. A plan for integrating Gongmanse with BOA ecosystem (creating use-case)
    ① Provide points to watch three lectures when signing up for Gognamanse, Jumanse, Cmanse. Plan to integrate it with BOA platform.
    ② Use of Commons Budget: Utilize commons budget when expanding business, and Gongmanse, with the generated profit out of it, contribute to enriching BOA ecosystem and increasing value of BOA
    ③ Participation in a donation by converting Gongmanse mileage into BOA
    — Periodically, a certain portion of the sales of Gongmanse, Jumanse, Cmanse are converted into mileage and paid as an incentive to users who meet certain conditions
    — User can donate to a variety of social contribution activities conducted by the Foundation with Gongmanse mileage
    — Gongmanse convert the donation by users to BOA and donate to the Better World Fund of the Foundation
  2. Marketing Collaboration
    ① Open 30 lectures on the blockchain(cryptocurrency) within Gongmanse to expose BOSAGORA(lectures given by CEO Munsu Lee and CTO)
    ② Hold BOA air-drop event in Jumanse, Cmanse service


Until now, many cryptocurrency projects’ practical use cases of coins have been limited to in-game transactions. Many projects are trying to develop services that can be used in real life, but it is still difficult to find such a service. In this perspective, the MOU will be a very meaningful partnership in that users can experience the service which advanced into the business area that can be practically useful in real life. In addition to the Gongmanse, in particular, the Jumanse and Cmanse are highly likely to lead to the expansion of the user base of the BOA as adult investors are the main targets. Starting with this partnership, the Foundation will continue to work to expand the use cases of the BOA.

BOSAGORA is a project enabler that realizes its vision of ‘Make a better world’ by financially and technically supporting various projects that dream of ‘a better world’ using blockchain technology. Education is a service sector that builds a foundation for the next 100 years of society due to its strong nature as public goods. BOSAGORA will contribute to the development of society, as well as the BOSAGORA ecosystem, by supporting the establishment of outstanding educational service, Gongmanse.

  1. Gongmanse business overview

Let’s look at why Gongmanse is an attractive business partner.

According to data released by the National Statistical Office in March, the size of the private education market in 2019 was 21 trillion won, an increase of 1.5 trillion won from the previous year. Private education expenses per person averaged 320,000 won per month, up 10.4% from the previous year. The Edutech market not only in Korea but also abroad is increasing rapidly every year. The market size was predicted to grow from $153 billion in 2018 to $342 billion by 2025. (Holon IQ. Jan. 28, 2020) In particular, due to the corona, the educational environment centered on schools and academies is rapidly changing to an untact environment. The demand for online education content will increase further due to COVID-19.

Gongmanse is educational contents that best meets the needs of the education market. Although it is not easy to make up for the vulnerable part with on/off-line lectures spanning 50-minutes, you can quickly and accurately improve the vulnerability through Gongmanse. There are already 45,000 videos covering 43 elementary, middle, and high school subjects(excluding art and physical education), which can be searched with over 80,000 registered keywords. 3-minutes lecture searchable with keywords allows students to learn quickly by selecting only the parts they do not know, thus maximizing the learning efficiency. One can easily solve curiosity by looking at the list of recommended lectures on related topics(cobweb three-dimensional learning), and one can also study ahead of time as study materials including subtitles can be referred to beforehand. Gongmanse is downloadable on Android, IOS, and PC in the beta version.

Gongmanse’s business outlook is very bright. Even though it was not officially released, negotiations with 5–6 top-level large academies and visiting teacher companies in Korea are proceeding rapidly. Not only the education industry but also negotiation with two large corporations is at its final phase to provide it as one of the welfare benefits for thousands of employees. Besides, a metropolitan-level government is also proceeding with a large contract with Gongmanse for the welfare of hundreds of thousands of elementary, middle, and high school students in its jurisdiction. Also, the outlook is very bright in terms of global scalability as it is also discussing with local education companies to advance into China and Vietnam.

BOSAGORA is doing its best to enable many people in the community to use BOA in real life through various service alliances at the same time with main net development. And Gongmanse will be a good example that can be used on the BOA platform, ushering in more practical services.

The introduction of services to the BOA platform, which started from the partnership of Gongmanse will expand beyond the business dealing with educational products to more services that can be easily accessed in everyday life. By doing so, BOSAGORA will further accelerate the realization of its vision ‘make a better world’ across industries and societies.


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