BOSAGORA Financial Ecosystem #1: BOA Coin Value Creation Plan

BOSAGORA Financial Ecosystem #1: BOA Coin Value Creation Plan

by Rooney

Creating Coin Value for a Healthy Ecosystem

In order for the blockchain ecosystem to maintain a healthy condition, the value of the key currency must be kept stable. In order to keep the value of the coin stable, the supply and demand of the coin must be well balanced.
BOSAGORA is a platform that has high block generation compensation as its strong point. To maximize the utility of abundant rewards, it is important to preserve the value of coins.

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The foundation has been pondering a variety of business ideas in which the increase in demand for BOACoins could exceed the increase in supply to ensure a continued increase in the value of the Coin.

Increase BOA Coin Demand

In order to increase the demand for coins, the blockchain technology itself must be magnificent, the stability of the coin holding needs to be verified in both operation and security-wise, a reasonable ecosystem should be created, and these advantages must be well-known to the public. Above all, there must be an economic cause for holding these coins. BOSAGORA was developed evaluating these points, right from the very beginning.

Technical Advantage

We are building a blockchain of integrity with a full node system unique to BOSAGORA Blockchain, and we are developing it based on a modified federated Byzantine Agreements Algorithm (mFBA) that allows any node in the network to create a block. To solve the problem of speed and scalability, we aim to solve the trilemma issues of decentralization, security, and scalability, including the introduction of the second layer flash layer, to complete the blockchain that stands out among the third-generation blockchain.

Ecosystem Fairness

BOSAGORA has a Congress Network in its system, a democratic decision-making body. All node operators of BOSAGORA can join the parliamentary network to participate in the collective decision-making process, which allows members to continue to participate in and contribute to the network through suggestions, discussions, votes, and reviews of common project concerns. Parliamentary networks adhere to the one-vote rule per node and will provide Votera service, a governance voting system, to make this democratic decision a reality. BOSAGORA will become the first blockchain project to fulfill deliberative democracy through systematic tools and governance systems.

Awareness Increasing Through Marketing

Currently, BOSAGORA has increased its global reach by listing on six exchanges around the world, And also one of the telegram community, specifically the English community, has grown to 6,500 followers recently. More than 7,000 Twitter followers participate in various community events and AMAs every month to publicize BOSAGORA’s news. Last October, we entered the Chinese market and the community is growing at a rapid pace. We have been able to grow instantly for a short period of time thanks to various efforts and events, but we will endeavor to become a leading blockchain project. We aim to make everyone around the world recognize the project and find it captivating.

Link to revenue and expand blockchain use

Various economic models such as ICO, IEO, STO, and DeFi have emerged and are constantly evolving in the blockchain industry. With these various historical experiments in mind, BOSAGORA is planning to provide more practical profits utilizing BOA. This direct profit providing is the most fundamental way to increase demand for BOACoin. For a while, BOSAGORA has been contemplating the structure of an ecosystem that can make a profit for its participants and has found a suitable alliance for building this structure. The details on this matter will be notified later through a separate notice.

BOA Supply (Distribution) Management
In order to keep the value of BOACoin stable, we need to manage supply (liquidity) while increasing the demand for coins as mentioned above.

The most fundamental countermeasures to control distribution are Buy-back and incineration. BOSAGORA’s commons budget can be an effective source of BOA buy-back. That is, we put our commons budget in projects that are stable and profitable, and we buy BOA coins from revenues that come from them (Buy-back) to control distribution. The higher the profit, the greater the amount of BOA you can buy back, the greater the distribution control effect, so it’s very important to find a safe way to get a high return. And if you’re a partner that can bring sustainable value to the BOA ecosystem by incorporating BOA, it’s a great investment destination.

The foundation has been working with partners in the following areas to ensure these partners to coexist and develop within BOA’s ecosystem.

Blockchain-based digital stock funds

This year, the global stock market has overcome the impact of the pandemic and is growing rapidly. It’s an area where you can generate stable revenue depending on how you organize and manage your portfolio and place your safeguards. Especially recently, digital-enabled stock funds such as robo-advisor have become more competitive.

BOSAGORA is also rapidly adapting to this trend. Preparing blockchain-based equity fund products that can be easily subscribed to by anyone around the world.

In the same context, We announced a partnership on November 19 with FMway. Starting with FMway, which has an impressive 20-year average annual return of 39.7 percent, the company plans to bring a wide range of competitive stock-type digital funds into the ecosystem. The foundation believes that these services will generate revenue and will be able to carry out BOA Buyback & Incineration with fund profits.

Real Estate Mortgage product

In addition to volatile equity products, BOSAGORA sees a mortgage platform that can reliably take fixed interest rates as another alternative to commons budget investments.

The Real estate mortgage product is a service that relays borrowers who have their property as collateral and investors who raise their principal for interest, which typically receives 10% interest per annum from lenders monthly. Also, If the borrower’s interest repayment is overdue for a certain period of time, stability is guaranteed because the principal and interest can be preserved through the execution of the mortgage. This is because the collateral value is set in the contract so that if the collateral is sold at auction, the principal and interest can be fully repaid.

When using the commons budget to input money in a real estate mortgage platform, you can buy back and incinerate BOA coins, which are 10% of your investment, each year.

Creating a virtuous cycle ecosystem by incineration of BOA coins

The BOSAGORA Foundation has been thinking about ways to keep coin values stable in terms of supply and demand and has also sought excellent partners to cooperate in the process. These plans allow us to keep the value of coins stable, which will create a virtuous cycle that maximizes the effect of our own high-rewarding system.

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BOSAGORA will continue striving to achieve the vision of a “better world” by easing financial barriers around the world, and to help BOA’s ecosystem and communities enjoy more benefits together.

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