T-Fi, The Next Generation’s Finance where Blockchain and the Traditional Economy Combines

T-Fi, The Next Generation’s Finance where Blockchain and the Traditional Economy Combines

by Rooney

The First Step towards Making a Better World

We aim to “Make a better world” through the BOSAGORA platform.

Towards this vision, BOSAGORA seeks to contribute in two key aspects.

First, by using cryptocurrency, we want to contribute to safer and more convenient financial services.

Second, we aim to contribute to Sustainable Development Goals (SDG), which are the goals of humanity set by the United Nations.

In achieving this vision, we set “Transparency, Fairness, and Publicness” as our core values.

BOSAGORA proposes a T-Fi financial ecosystem as the first step towards implementing and achieving this. T-Fi, short for True Finance, is a next-generation financial business model that combines blockchain with traditional economy. It is an innovative business model that combines BOA tokens with financial services such as stocks and real estate to pursue stable and high returns for everyone.

Behind the Birth of T-Fi

De-Fi is clearly a great example of innovation in digital finance, but it surely has its limitations. First off, De-Fi is far from universal. Even though De-Fi covers a broad range of use cases, it doesn’t cover the vast majority of the financial tools available in the world today. De-Fi in its current form exists mainly inside the Ethereum ecosystem. The current De-Fi models surround the lending of affiliated ERC-20 based tokens. Additionally, the revenue-generating mechanisms are complex and difficult to access by the public. Simply put, “It is hard to use.”

Moreover, it can be abused by certain groups or individuals. As this space continues to grow, it is highly probable that a collective group of individuals could take advantage of things such as low liquidity, bugs, and other vulnerabilities that De-Fi is susceptible to.

T-Fi overcomes these limitations by pursuing a broader concept with a focus on guaranteed fairness and publicness

T-Fi Structure

There are three ways to participate in T-Fi.

First is by receiving BOA confirmation rewards through node operation.

According to the White Paper, staking more than 40,000 BOAs and running nodes on BOSAGORA will result in a return that is expected to be over 37% just in the first year.

Holders who have difficulty meeting the requirement of 40,000 BOAs can receive rewards through the BOA Node Operations Service provided by T-Fi Labs(LTD.)

Second, you can lend BOA tokens that are frozen by staking (lending) and earn a fixed return. By raising funds as a collateral for the lended BOA, you can generate operating profits and earn interests in the form of fixed income through partners such as FMway.

Third, you can participate in major STO projects from all around the world such as FMway which is in a partnership with BOSAGORA. Users can directly participate in STOs using BOA, the key currency of T-Fi and also earn profits from their investments.

T-Fi Partner: FMway

T-Fi is a financial model that uses BOA, bridging blockchain and traditional finance. In the near future, BOSAGORA plans to expand the T-Fi ecosystem by spotting and collaborating with excellent partners within the stock and real estate industry.

Our first partner is FMway. FMway is an investment company with a big data-based stock picking algorithm that leverages all financial data from companies listed on the global stock market. FMway analyzes most up-to-date quarterly financial data for each stock market in each country to form a portfolio and hold it for three months to pursue stable and steady return. FMway’s stock-picking algorithm is applicable to all stock markets around the world, and back data testing in the past 20 years of major 12 countries has shown an average annual return of 39.7%.

Homepage of FMway->

T-Fi Platform

T-Fi platform is a De-Fi that operates on the blockchain of BOSAGORA. While freezing and depositing the BOAs you own to participate in T-Fi Staking and Lending, you can be assured of decentralization and completely free from the risks of centralized ownership. We plan to launch T-Fi with various functions in conjunction with BOSAGORA’s mainnet.

Asset Deposit

To participate in T-Fi staking and lending, BOA holders can participate with assets in My T-Fi Wallet without transferring any funds. However, since the lending is made periodically, the secret key for the lended asset is equally shared and owned by the participants and T-Fi Labs to function as an escrow. T-Fi Labs provides a secret key only for withdrawals upon the expiration date of lending.

P2P Exchange for Lending Certificate Tokens

If you need to cash out before the lending expiration date, you can transfer the lended tokens in our P2P exchange. The transfer of lending certificate tokens includes the transfer of the principal, fixed interest due in the future, and the right to airdrop.

The Characteristics of T-Fi

T-Fi is an expanded concept of De-Fi

Although T-Fi is a financial ecosystem that is applied to the traditional economy, it provides a transparent and reliable environment by taking advantage of the good aspects of De-Fi, where all transactions are stored and processed within the contract. In addition to BOSAGORA’s blockchain, data from the traditional economy will be stored on-chain by integrating Chainlink, a global middleware Oracle project ( When BOSAGORA’s Trust Contract is completed by the end of this year, we will start working on the connecting of the Oracle and complete T-Fi as a perfect De-Fi within the first quarter of 2022.

T-Fi is Fair and Safe

By distributing earnings based on the traditional economy, fair distribution of profits is possible without risks such as rapid manipulation of interest rates that exploit low liquidity or exploitation of bugs and vulnerabilities associated with Smart Contract. Also, the T-Fi Labs lending account uses escrow function. Participants’ assets will stay in their respective wallets and can only be withdrawn with their own authentication. Without such authentication, no one can occupy, send, or move the lended asset at will. We plan to add wallet and escrow functions within this year to ensure complete safety for our assets.

T-Fi is an Open Platform for Everyone

While the current model for the generation of revenue using De-Fi is very complicated, T-Fi is based on the real economy and anyone can easily understand the revenue structure and participate easily. You can also invest in excellent global products without facing any restrictions and borders. Also, if there are any projects that show stability and profitability and are also verified, we can integrate them into the T-Fi ecosystem for greater investment. T-Fi is an open digital financial platform where both investors and financial services can join freely.

Details for BOA Staking & Lending

BOA holders can apply for Node Operation or Node Operation + Lending provided by T-Fi Labs. Participants can receive additional lending interests in addition to block creation rewards by applying for both node operation service and lending. The process of participating in lending is as follows:

1. BOA Node Operation Application (Required)
2. Apply for lending and receive Lending Certificate Tokens (FMT)
3. T-Fi Labs uses lended BOAs as a collateral and provides fiat loans (max. 70% of the collateral).
4. Operating profits are generated by fiat investments made by FMway.
5. Upon maturity, T-Fi Labs purchases BOAs with the generated revenue from exchanges and deposits BOA earnings to participants’ account for staking (Fixed interest + Airdrop)
6. Simultaneously, FMT is withdrawn and collateral is released.

Processes that occur outside of BOSAGORA blockchain are on-chained through the global Oracle middleware, Chainlink.

Fixed interest and airdrop paid to participants will be paid after deducting the following fees from FMway’s operating income: Specific policy on fees will be announced in a separate announcement.

Fees to be Deducted
– FMway Operating Fee
– Fiat Loan Fee
– T-Fi Labs Node Operating Fee


  1. February: Open 1st Round for T-Fi Lending Service with 10M BOAs as a cap
  2. May: Open 2nd Round for T-Fi Lending Service
  3. Development of Coinnet will be finished within the first half of 202 and the launch of official node operation service by T-Fi Labs will be opened in August.
  4. Development of Trust Contact will be completed within this year, Chainlink Oracle will be integrated to on-chain the entire process (De-Fi)
  5. Service Launch upon receiving SEC’s authorization at the end of 2022 (De-Fi STO)

T-Fi, a financial platform that Transcends Boundaries and Evolves Infinitely

Beyond the limitations of existing cryptocurrency-based financial platforms, T-Fi, which generates profits by investing in the traditional economy, boasts broad scalability that can be applied to any profitable business in the traditional economy. Also, it has no rooms for abuse and is borderless.

It is also designed to increase BOA’s token value by staking and purchasing BOA in the process. Please look forward to the future of BOSAGORA through the infinitely-evolving T-Fi ecosystem.

Notice: The 1st round of T-Fi Lending Service

To spread the awareness of this innovative financial model, T-Fi, to the market and to proactively gauge the demand for it, we are opening the 1st round of T-Fi Lending Service. It will be opened on a first-come, first-served basis, so there is a possibility of early closing.

Service Description

  • Name: The 1st round of T-Fi Lending Service
  • Investment Partner: FMway
  • Return on Investment: 38% annual rate of rewards before Coinnet (paid upon maturity)

:Replaced with block generation rewards after Coinnet (automatically paid upon every block creation at 37.84% per year)
:7% annual rate of lending interest (paid upon maturity)
:+ @ airdrop (paid upon maturity based on FMway’s status)

  • Period: 2021.3.2–2022.3.1 (expiration date)
  • Name of Lending Certificate Tokens: FMT

How to Apply for <The 1st Round of T-Fi Lending Service>

  • Application Period: February 22nd, 2021 (Mon) 12:00pm 17th Feb. in UTC to 25th (Thurs) 12:00pm 17th Feb. in UTC ONLY for 4 Days
  • How to Apply: Apply directly on T-Fi Labs website (
  • Way of selection: First-come, first-get
  • Total Amount Opened: First 10,000,000 BOA (+ Additional 3,000,000 BOAs for those in waiting)
  • BOAs Allowed for Lending: min. 40,000 to max. 1,000,000 BOAs per person

1st Deposit Period

– February 25th (Thur) to 27th (Sat) ONLY for 3 Days
– Next in Line: for 2 days starting from February 28 (Sun) to March 1 (Mon)

* If the deposit is not made within the deposit period, or a different amount of BOAs are deposited other than the quantity inserted at the time of application, the respective application will be canceled and opportunities will be given to the following participant in waiting, and the deposited asset will be returned to the applicant after exempting transfer fee.


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