BOSAGORA establishes WSO, a non-profit organization that protects the sea, and holds ‘Save the Whales’ Mural Contest

BOSAGORA establishes WSO, a non-profit organization that protects the sea, and holds ‘Save the Whales’ Mural Contest

by Rooney

With its vision to ‘make a better world’, BOSAGORA provides advanced financial service based on blockchain technology to humanity and contributes to the realization of Sustainable Development Goals(SDGs), a list of urgent tasks faced by the humanity defined by the United Nations (UN).

BOSAGORA focuses mainly on the protection of the seas among 10 goals defined under SDGs. The oceans are the lungs of the Earth, because phytoplankton living in the ocean absorbs 40% of CO2 in the atmosphere and produce more than 50% oxygen through photosynthesis. This is equivalent to the CO2 reduction effect achieved by 1.7 trillion trees, four times the size of the Amazon forest. Therefore, the restoration of marine ecosystems can alleviate climate crisis.

Accordingly in March 2021, BOSAGORA established WSO(WeSaveOceans), a non-profit organization that aims to “solve the climate crisis by protecting oceans.”

The “grassroots environmental movement” pursued by WSO was inspired by a teenage environmentalist, Greta Thunberg and Hollywood veteran actor, Jane Fonda. Greta Thunberg refuses to attend classes and rather launched one-person demonstrations to raise people’s awareness on climate change. Jane Fonda no longer buys clothes to spread the message that reckless consumption destroys the environment. Their seemingly small grassroots environmental movements that started out as individual protests developed into a global environmental movement which inspired and attracted many others to participate.

WSO’s grassroots environmental movement is consisted of two backbones. First, it is a campaign to spread environmental knowledge through SNS. Second, it is a voluntary environmental practices in real life, and spreading it with those around you.

WSO does not ask for registration fee and accept donations from individuals. It is operated only by members who participate and practice in action. We hope that many of you who read this will participate together as regular members of WSO. We ask for your continued interest in WSO’s activities to protect not only the planet, but also us and our future generations by protecting the oceans.


Whales are “environmental guardians of the Earth”. This is because the oceans’ phytoplankton, which absorbs 40% of CO2 in the atmosphere and produces more than 50% of oxygen we breathe, feeds on the nutrients from whale feces and grow.

WSO is looking for a mural design that creatively expresses the message “Whales are the environmental guardians of the Earth” to initiate the movement for spreading environmental knowledge, one of the two pillars of its grassroots environmental movement.

Graffiti is being recognized as a street art which boldly and ingeniously expresses and criticizes on social issues, actively being installed in many cities worldwide. WSO intends to start a campaign to spread environmental messages by installing art works that are selected as winners through Save the Whales Mural Contest in tourist spots at Jeju Island, a clean island where whales live. WSO hopes to spread the message that “Whales are the environmental guardians of the Earth” far and wide with people taking photos in front of it and sharing them in social media.

Contest Overview

○ Mural Theme: Whales are environmental guardians of the Earth

○ Mural Location: Café Destill in front of Cha-gwi do Island & bookstore ‘Yoo Hwadang’ on Lee Jung-seop street, both in Jeju Island

○ Participants: anyone

○ Application Period: May 3, 2021 — May 28, 2021

○ How to Apply: Apply through one of the links to the contest listed below

○ Award: A total of 20 million KRW, equivalent to approximately $17,905 (A total of 2 teams/ 10 million KRW, equivalent to approximately $8,952 per team)

We ask for your participation, and for more information, please refer to the contest information sites.


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