BOSAGORA establishes BRIK (Blockchain Research Institute Korea)

BOSAGORA establishes BRIK (Blockchain Research Institute Korea)


Last year, BOSAGORA entered into a strategic alliance with the Blockchain Research Institute co-founded by Don Tapscott, and recruited Don Tapscott as an advisor to BOSAGORA at the same time.

Since then, the two companies have continued close communication to take advantage of the strategic opportunities of the blockchain and research implementation tasks together and established Blockchain Research Institute Korea (hereinafter referred to as BRIK, Blockchain Research Institute Korea) to achieve this in earnest.

Blockchain Research Institute Korea (BRIK)

BRIK, founded jointly by BOSAGORA and the Blockchain Research Institute, is a standalone think tank in Korea that works with industry leaders, intellectuals, policymakers, entrepreneurs and researchers to research blockchain technology, and link with the real market. It is an institution that studies strategies for the development of effective measures and the development of Korean-type blockchain.

BRI Korea Website:

Goals & Roles

BRIK aims to create a sustainable and innovative regional ecosystem with global BRI partners in North America, Europe, Brazil, Africa, and the Middle East.

  • Blockchain technology, application plan and ripple effect research
  • Blockchain education
  • Strategic use of blockchain

BRIK is a global blockchain research institute that researches and educates how blockchain and new technologies will be applied to existing business, government, and society by using a worldwide network, and helps to create a win-win future where decentralized technology will take root in human life and culture.

Future Plans

Beyond a simple blockchain research organization, BRIK plans to engage in more in-depth blockchain technology research, differentiation of business using blockchain, and active activities that can directly affect the real market through partnerships and joint research.



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