Flash Layer Development Complete

Flash Layer Development Complete



Flash layer development completed

In March, the Agora development team completed BOSAGORA’s second layer which called ‘Flash Layer.’ As a result, BOSAGORA’s blockchain ecosystem will be enriched, and the utility value of the network will be higher.

Development Background

Blockchain’s scalability problem is one of the trilemma issues of blockchain along with decentralization and security issues. It is one of the challenges that numerous blockchain projects have been trying to solve to this day

Exclusive strength of Flash Layer

Here are the main strengths of the flash Layer.

  • Stable transmission (Accuracy)

  • Low fees (Economic)

  • Secure network (Security)

Variety of utilization plans

The use of Flash Layer does not stop at simple payments. It can be used in almost all fields for personal price and decision makings, such as small payments at retail stores, in-app payments such as games, online broadcast payments through YouTube and private broadcasting, and global donation platforms.

  • In-game payment

  • Online broadcast payment

  • Donation platform, etc.

The flash layer that may solve the scalability problem of the trilemma issues has huge potentials. Linking the flash layer with the blockchain and the real economy will expand its scope and possibilities. Please look forward to the broader ecosystem of BOSAGORA with Flash Layer.


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