BOSAGORA and IBK Securities participated in MetaCity Forum

BOSAGORA and IBK Securities participated in MetaCity Forum


IBK Securities participated in the MetaCity Forum, which launched on 31st May. BOSAGORA, serving as the permanent representative of the MetaCity Forum, signed an agreement for a business partnership with IBK Securities on 22nd June.

Reinforcement of Metacity Forum Infrastructure

IBK Securities is one of eight subsidiaries of the state-run Industrial Bank of Korea (IBK). IBK Securities is a leading domestic financial investment company aiming to create new customer value, including differentiated asset management, advanced financial instruments, and structured financial support for small and medium-sized enterprises.

By participating in the MetaCity Forum, IBK Securities will open a Meta branch in ‘MetaCity’, a blockchain-based Metaverse, to provide various financial investment services such as investment in the real economy and support for participating companies. The main contents of the agreement with IBK Securities to revitalize the MetaCity are follows.

Main agreements

  1. Providing securities investment services in MetaCity
  2. Support for small and medium-sized enterprises and venture companies related to MetaCity Forum
  3. Support for other matters requiring close cooperation

As a result, the MetaCity Forum comprises five companies: BOSAGORA, Aiitone, Uracle, BRI, and IBK Securities, and has a further strengthened infrastructure.

Steps to Realize Digital ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance)

IBK Industrial Bank of Korea, the parent company of IBK Securities, promotes projects to support sustainable power plants and ESG management for SMEs with limited human and material resources by preparing preemptive support measures to respond to ESG management.

By participating in the MetaCity Forum, IBK will provide support for ESG management of small and medium-sized enterprises in the real economy and support digital ESG management combined with blockchain and Metaverse, laying the foundation for implementing the structure of process and compensation in the city.

Expansion of MetaCity’s Ecosystems

MetaCity is rushing to build a digital ESG-based Metaverse world combined with blockchain that covers a wide range of areas such as finance, public education, municipal participation, e-commerce, and entertainment. Starting with the National Mokpo Maritime University agreement, IBK Securities’ involvement in the MetaCity Forum has shown tangible results in education and finance.

BOSAGORA is currently discussing in-depth discussions on ways to expand and revitalize the MetaCity ecosystem with various companies, organizations and institutions. Accordingly, BOSAGORA plans to do its best to select the most relevant institutions and organizations for the purpose and direction of the MetaCity Forum and to establish cooperation. Additional updates will be shared with the community as ongoing discussions are completed.


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