BOSAGORA establishes ‘MetaCampus City Busan’ with Busan Innovation Fair Education Forum and TongMyong University Industry Academy Cooperation Foundation.

BOSAGORA establishes ‘MetaCampus City Busan’ with Busan Innovation Fair Education Forum and TongMyong University Industry Academy Cooperation Foundation.


BOSAGORA, the standing representative of the MetaCity Forum, signed an exchange and cooperation agreement with the Busan Innovation Fair Education Forum and TongMyong University Industry Academy Cooperation Foundation to establish ‘Meta Campus Busan City’.

Convention Agency

The Busan Innovation Fair Education Forum consists of a total of 100 people, including Jeong Seung-yoon, a professor at Law School of Busan National University, 33 teachers and professors, 33 parents of elementary, middle and high schools in Busan, and 33 opinion leaders such as lawyers, doctors, and business composed.

The Busan Innovation Fair Education Forum will carry out the following projects to promote innovation education and fair education.

* Curriculum innovation with Meta-school/Meta-Campus

* Establishment of a global education hub through the development of various educational contents

* Realization of lifelong education for youth/adolescence/old age mode

* Resolve the polarization of education through alternative schools/alternative learning programs.

* Foster universities and departments in the Busan area through university restructuring, etc.

TongMyong University Industry Academy Cooperation Foundation aims to develop local communities and strengthen national industrial competitiveness through industry-academia cooperation to solve technical difficulties, develop new technologies, efficiently utilize the university’s creative research achievements and various knowledge information to lead industrial competitiveness.

Busan, a principal city in the growth of the blockchain industry

Busan is a “Blockchain Regulation-Free Zone” designated for strategic growth by suspending and exempting various regulations.


Blockchain can not only be combined with games and medical tourism. As the “City of Film,” Busan can also be actively used in the cultural field. Busan also announced a “digital voucher” project plan to revitalise the local economy through blockchain-based local currency and pursue voluntary good deeds by citizens.

The Busan Metropolitan Government aims to leap forward as a core hub of the Korean blockchain, not as a blockchain special zone only in Busan, by receiving additional projects through a public announcement to allow blockchain companies to participate in a particular area.

MetaCampus City Busan

‘MetaCampus City Busan’ aims to provide innovative educational services and fair learning opportunities within the city of Busan, a special zone for free regulation of blockchain, by using Metaverse and blockchain technology. It was participated by Busan Innovation Fair Education Forum, TongMyong University Industry Academy Cooperation Foundation, MetaCity Forum and Blockchain Research Institute Korea (BRI Korea).


The significant agreements for the establishment of ‘Meta Campus City Busan’ are as follows.

Main agreements
  1. Construction of ‘MetaCampus City Busan’ based on Metaverse and blockchain
  2. Development of ‘MetaEdu contents’ that can be used for bridging the educational gap, nurturing future creative talents, and lifelong learning
  3. Product of ‘MetaCampus Tour’ that can be used to promote the university
  4. Building the ‘MetaAgora’ for democratic decision-making based on participation and deliberation
  5. Design and operation of the professional history development process for 4th industrial revolution technologies such as Metaverse and blockchain
  6. Establishment of a global industry-academic exchange and cooperation network
  7. Cooperation on research and development related to ‘Meta Campus City’ and related projects

MetaCity Ecosystem Specialized in Busan City

Busan City, a special zone for blockchain regulation, is one of the most important cities that plays a pivotal role in the domestic blockchain industry. Through “MetaCampus City Busan,” Bosagora aims to provide innovative education services to universities in Busan by establishing a MetaCampus specialized in Busan.

Starting with education in Busan, the MetaCity Forum plans to continuously expand cooperation with universities, companies, organizations and institutions so that Busan citizens can enjoy various services specific to the Busan region, such as participation in municipal administration travel and shopping through MetaCity is.

In addition to this agreement for MetaCampus City Busan, MetaCity Forum and Bosagora continue in-depth consultations with various players to innovate the public sector. Additional update will be shared with the community as ongoing discussions are completed.


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