BOSAGORA has signed an agreement with Namyangju City to implement ‘ESG MetaCity’.

BOSAGORA has signed an agreement with Namyangju City to implement ‘ESG MetaCity’.


BOSAGORA, the standing representative of the MetaCity Forum has signed an agreement with Namyangju City to implement “ESG MetaCity Namyangju” on the 30th.

The flow of non-face-to-face and digital economic activities led by MZ generation accelerates after covid 19. The MetaCity Forum and Namyangju City combined Metaverse’s concept with ESG administration (Environmental, Social and Governance) to develop a new municipal administration in Namyangju City. We are going to work together to implement the direction.

ESG MetaCity Namyangju

Namyangju City, located in northeastern Gyeonggi Province, is the second-largest city after Goyang City in northern Gyeonggi Province, with more than 700,000 people. Namyangju City has successfully promoted various projects with innovation and fairness as its top priority. For instance, REMEMBER 1910, Lee Seok Young New Media Library, Jeong Yak-Yong Library, Polar Bear Village, Cheonghak Valley Resort, etc.

Based on an administrative driving force, Namyangju City has signed the agreement to implement ‘ESG MetaCity Namyangju’, a digital administration platform which combines ESG and Metaverse technology that Namyangju City aims for.

When ‘ESG MetaCity Namyangju’ is implemented, it will be reborn as a true MetaCity Namyangju. Citizens can use various administrative services and contents such as municipal administration, education, cultural experience and tourism tour, and finance within the Metaverse.

Business agreement ceremony for the realization of ‘ESG MetaCity Namyangju’

17 peoples from Namyangju City, BOSAGORA, IBK Securities, Aiitone, Uracle, and BRIK, including Mayor Cho Kwang-han of Namyangju City, attended the business agreement ceremony with Namyangju City at the ‘REMEMBER 1910’ lobby.

At the business agreement ceremony, the CEO of BOSAGORA Kim In-hwan, who served as the permanent representative of the MetaCity Forum, announced the vision plan of Meta which related to ‘The Wider Meta Agora’ and the Namyangju History Experience Hall ‘REMEMBER 1910’ to experience MetaCity implementation indirectly.

To celebrate the business agreement with Namyangju, Don Tapscott, the author of the best-selling books ‘Blockchain Revolution’ and ‘Paradigm Shift’, and the founder of BRI, a member of the MetaCity Forum, sent a congratulatory video. (Congratulatory video:

The main agreement for implementing ‘ESG MetaCity Namyangju’ is as follows.

Main agreements

1. All duties for implementing the ‘ESG MetaCity Namyangju’ platform
2. Realization of a digital ecosystem for sustainable urban development and citizen participation
3. Discovering related projects such as education, consulting, and joint research for municipal development

Blueprint of MetaCity implemented in Namyangju City

MetaCity Forum and Namyangju City plan to actively cooperate ways to integrate and utilize Metaverse’s social, cultural, and economic functions in municipal administration. In addition, we plan to promote the convergence of various spaces in stages.

The MetaCity Forum has recently signed business agreements with various financial institutions and companies, and the ecosystem is rapidly expanding. MetaCity Forum and BOSAGORA are in consultation with multiple institutions, organizations and companies create a MetaCity to realise sustainable urban development and digital ESG administration. Additional update will be shared with the community as ongoing discussions are completed.


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