BOSAGORA Signs an International Joint Campaign Agreement for Conservation of Marine Ecosystems with National Mokpo Maritime University

BOSAGORA Signs an International Joint Campaign Agreement for Conservation of Marine Ecosystems with National Mokpo Maritime University


Climate Issues and Social Responsibility

In 2015, the world leaders set a goal for reducing greenhouse gases in the Paris climate agreement and signed an agreement to achieve it by 2030, and many companies are conducting business by implementing ESG (environmental/social/governance) management by adding environment to their direction.

The oceans have a huge impact on the Earth’s atmosphere. Algae and phytoplankton are trees in the ocean that absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen through photosynthesis. The oxygen they provide accounts for 70.8% of the planet’s total oxygen emissions, making a far greater contribution than the Amazon rainforest. However, our oceans are facing a major crisis due to aquaculture waste, wastewater discharge, and influx of land waste such as plastic.

Signed an International Joint Campaign Agreement for the Conservation of Marine Ecosystems

More extensive and active consultations and activities are needed to conserve the marine ecosystem, which is a treasure trove of life. To this end, BOSAGORA signed an international joint campaign agreement for the conservation of marine ecosystems with Mokpo National Maritime University on June 1st.

This agreement is an international multilateral cooperation agreement led by Switzerland’s BOSAGORA Foundation, Mokpo National Maritime University, and Canada’s Blockchain Research Institute (BRI). BRIK) and Glostar Metaspace Research Institute participated.

Each contracting organization will make the most of its capabilities and resources to cooperate in the following areas. The main agreements of the international joint campaign are as follows.

Agreement contents

1. International action to promote the importance of marine ecosystem conservation as a response to climate change

2. Volunteer account system operation for marine ecosystem conservation using blockchain

3. Development and operation of MetaCampus and marine ecosystem conservation education courses using metaverse

4. Establishment of international exchange and cooperation system with international organizations and environmental groups for the conservation of marine ecosystems

5. Research and development of marine resource utilization technology

Contribute to the environment and humanity by conserving marine ecosystems

On May 31st, BOSAGORA launched the ‘MetaCity Forum’ with top-tier global partners. MetaCity is BOSAGORA’s metaverse that covers an unprecedentedly wide range of fields such as finance, public education, commerce, games, and entertainment. With the agreement with Mokpo Maritime University as an opportunity, we plan to introduce MetaCampus, the campus version of MetaCity.

Meta Campus supports education and activities for the conservation of the marine ecosystem, such as a marine ecosystem conservation education course, a volunteer account system using blockchain, and a cryptocurrency incentive system and cryptocurrency donation program to increase the usability of the coin.

In addition, the parties to the agreement decided to maximize the educational effect by jointly developing a metaverse marine career experience course for teenagers and a metaverse marine engineering course for Mokpo Maritime University students.

In the future, BOSAGORA will develop blockchain-based metaverse contents together with various actors to contribute to various fields such as education, society, public service, and culture. Additional updates will be shared with the community as ongoing discussions are completed.


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