BOSAGORA and D’Light, a renowned law firm, signed a business agreement to participate in the MetaCity Forum and further develop MetaCity

BOSAGORA and D’Light, a renowned law firm, signed a business agreement to participate in the MetaCity Forum and further develop MetaCity


BOSAGORA, who sits as a permanent chair of the MetaCity Forum, signed a business agreement with D’Light, a law renowned firm, to participate in the MetaCity Forum and contribute to the development of MetaCity on November 26 becoming the 10th company to join the forum.

MetaCity Forum infrastructure expansion

D’Light, a legal consulting firm, of lawyers with rich experience in courts, large law firms and corporations, provides innovative legal services with contribution to the society in priority. In particular, it provides the nation’s highest quality of advice and litigation-related legal consulting services in relation to blockchain, content/media, investment, production, distribution, and infringement response.

Last year, it was selected as the ‘Boutique Law Firm of the Year’ by the global legal media ‘Asian Legal Business (ALB)’. It joined the UN Global Compact (UNGC) as an official member company, alongside BOSAGORA, to reinforce our social responsibility based on ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) management.

The following is the key agreement:

  1. Join MetaCity Forum as an alliance
  2. Providing legal consulting on technology, system and regulation within MetaCity Forum
  3. Working together for developing MetaCity with other ICT/AI/healthcare/blockchain/fintech/content companies
  4. Cooperation on sustainable development goal and ESG management
  5. Further partnership for the development of MetaCity
  6. Other close cooperation if any

With this, the MetaCity Forum is now comprised of a total of 10 companies including BOSAGORA, AIITONE, URACLE, BRI, IBK Investment & Securities, KB Capital, Ethan & Alice Marketing, TELOS, Finger, and the newly participating D’light, for stronger infrastructure.

Toughening regulations on emerging industries

In each country, regulations and policies are getting tougher on emerging industries such as blockchain, metaverse, and NFT, which are gaining worldwide spotlight and are gaining more relevance in our daily lives. The U.S. Department of the Treasury announced guidelines on economic sanctions for the virtual currency industry, and in Korea, the ‘Act on the Reporting and Use of Specific Financial Transaction Information (Special Act)’ came into effect this year, strengthening regulations on virtual asset operators.

Healthy growth of MetaCity Forum Ecosystem

MetaCity, which the MetaCity Forum is building, is in a blockchain and metaverse industry that is fast growing to become a major industry. As we pioneer, we intend to establish a more transparent and practical MetaCity that the Forum envisions and builds by signing partnerships with specialists in each field.

For this, BOSAGORA is discussing partnerships with organizations, institutions, and companies in various industries, and will additionally share the news with the community as soon as we sign them in.


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