BOSAGORA, CoinNet test version is Live

BOSAGORA, CoinNet test version is Live


Good Day BOSAGORAians,

We are pleased to unveil the CoinNet test version, which is being developed by BOSAGORA, and has been linked with Wallet and Block Explorer.

The test version of CoinNet that is to be released, goes through a sufficient test period to build a safer and more stable network. During the test period, anyone who meets the node operational conditions can participate as an operator to experience the BOSAGORA developed CoinNet, Wallet, and Block Explorer. You can also earn rewards by reporting any errors you find during testing.

Guideline of CoinNet test version test:

Create a Wallet

To run the validator, enter the Secret key from the public/private key pair issued by the TestNet Wallet, enter the account name (optional), and click the Confirm button to open a new wallet.

Wallet instructions:
English: https://bosagora-documentation–
Korean: https://bosagora-documentation–

Block Explorer (BOASCAN)

By accessing the Block Explorer and entering the public key of the account you like to search for, you can freely review the transmission details or history on the blockchain.

Updating your node

As we are constantly improving Agora, new versions will be released periodically. For native binary users, follow the Agora repository to get a notification. For docker users, doing docker pull bosagora/agora from time to time, especially if your node starts to show errors, should help.

Reporting issues

You can report issues you find here. Make sure what you are reporting is an issue, and there isn’t an existing issue covering yours. If you aren’t sure if the behavior you are seeing is an issue, the best way is to ask here.


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