BOSAGORA Livestream AMA Recap

BOSAGORA Livestream AMA Recap


BOSAGORA held a live-streamed AMA on the official YouTube channel for Korean and global audiences over two days — October 20th and 21st. During this event, we shared and updated the community on our plans to raise BOA’s overall value; including the current status of BOSAGORA’s business and development, and the buyback & burn model.


Metaverse-specific blockchain platform that grants trust to all information in MetaCity

MetaChain’s key technology

  • Flash Layer
    – A second layer solution enables fast and inexpensive transaction processing by accepting transactions from peers without having to record all data on the blockchain.
  • Full Node PoS
    – Fully decentralized ‘Public Full Node PoS’ is technically very challenging to achieve, and throughout the world, it is hard to come across a finished project. If BOSAGORA fulfills this goal, it will become the world’s first trilemma-solving project, and would change the scenery in the blockchain field.

Development status

  • CoinNet
    – As the functionality development is completed, we have been conducting code audits with Slowmist, an external specialist, since October 8. So far, the feedback we received was good — only minor errors. Our CoinNet consists of more than 100,000 lines of code and is developed using the D language. For stability verification, we are operating 7 nodes across the world, including Asia, Europe, and the United States, for 13 months on a private TestNet. CoinNet’ official launch is targetted for early next year.
  • The characteristics of BOSAGORA CoinNet
    – With BOSAGORA CoinNet, all coin holders can stake a certain amount of BOA coins and participate in node operation. In particular, as for node operation reward, about 37.8% is generated in the first year when all holders participate in node operation. If the number of node operation participants decreases, it would mean an automatic increase of reward for the rest to share. When compared with other platform projects, SOLANA at about 8–10%, Cosmos at about 8%, and Tezos at about 6%, we can expect higher yields from BOSAGORA node operation.

– BOSAGORA issues Commons Budget to provide technical and financial support to projects voted in favor of voters through Votera, a deliberation, and decision-making solution app. Projects that have been selected and expanded with the Commons Budget will be operated on the platform, contributing to the BOSAGORA ecosystem. The status update and voting results of projects in Votera are available in real-time on BOAScan, BOSAGORA’s block explorer.

  • Other development status

– We have completed the development of STOA (API server), Wallet (Mobile, Web), BOAScan (Block Explorer), Votera (Server, App) and SDK (Software Development Kit) that are linked to the BOSAGORA platform.

ESG MetaCity

A blockchain-based metaverse virtual city that is linked to real-life that can contribute to the environment, society, and governance.

MetaCity Forum

  • Partnerships to developing MetaCity
    – Metacity Forum was initially launched with four companies including BOSAGORA, AIITONE, URACLE, and BRI (Blockchain Research Institute) on board. Kosdaq listed fintech companies and law firms are expected to join in the near future, and the ecosystem is continuously expanding.

ESG MetaCity Namyangju

  • The first ESG MetaCity project
    Environment: In Namyangju, we plan to open Eco Museum, a nature experience media art theme park, using immersive media art that is attracting attention at home and abroad. You can feel the beauty of nature and the importance of the environment through the Eco Museum, and participate in the environmental movement through MetaCity.- Social: By activating MetaEdu, an educational program using Metaverse, students can experience jobs on the Metaverse in advance, and various educational programs such as English are provided on the Metacity to bridge the digital education gap. In addition, by implementing Namyangju Remember 1910 in Meta City, we plan to provide education on the history of the independence movement.

    Governance: Through ‘NYJ Meta Agora’, a Metaverse voting platform, citizens of Namyangju can discuss and vote on municipal administration in the ‘NYJ Meta Agora’ anytime, anywhere.

Profit structure and raising BOA’s value
Buyback and burn model for BOSAGORA’s profit structure and BOA’s value growth

Profit and Expansion

  • User growth
    – We plan to expand the user pool by increasing the number of BOA wallet accounts created by providing points as BOA coins to MetaCity service users.
  • Commission/Node operation reward
    – When a company provides service within MetaCity, it contributes to store commission for marketing activities. In addition, transaction fees for all cryptocurrencies traded within MetaCity are acquired with BOA.
    – Profits are generated through rewards for BOSAGORA node operation.

Value up

  • Buy back and burn
    – Profits from fees and node operation will be used to purchase BOA in the market. We plan to reduce the quantity of BOA in the market by burning. When the circulation volume decreases, the value of BOA would naturally increase.

Global ESG MetaCity Summit 2021

The world’s first MetaCity global conference co-hosted by Namyangju City and MetaCity Forum


  • Theme
    – A new vision of public ESG administration utilizing Metaverse
  • Date
    – Tues, Dec 7th, 2021, Time to be announced
  • Hosts
    – Namyangju City, MetaCity Forum
  • Sponsor
    – Maeil Broadcasting company (MBN, Private broadcasting owned by Maeil Business Newspaper)
  • Venue
    a) Live venue: Jeongyakyong Auditorium, Namyangju, Republic of Korea. (Due to Covid-19, offline participation only for invited guests)
    b) Online : Metaverse platform (online registration on the website, details will be sent to individuals by e-mail)

AMA Questions and Answers

You can check the answers to various questions received from the community in the link below.


Journeying with Metaverse

BOSAGORA is expanding its business and its ecosystem along with Metaverse, which is rapidly emerging as a leading industry for the future. Based on the superior technology of BOSAGORA, we want to provide the most suitable and stable Metaverse-specific blockchain platform for industries and users and step forward as a global project.

In addition, we plan to do our best to become a meaningful project for investors who are on a long journey with BOA by devising various strategies to increase the value of BOA. BOSAGORA will continue to hold AMAs and conferences in the future to actively communicate with the community about business and development status and answer users’ questions.

Livestream Recap AMA (Youtube):


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