BOSAGORA signed a business partnership with Finger, a fintech company, to join in the MetaCity Forum and actively participate in the MetaCity

BOSAGORA signed a business partnership with Finger, a fintech company, to join in the MetaCity Forum and actively participate in the MetaCity


On November 24th, BOSAGORA, the permanent representative of MetaCity Forum, signed a business agreement with Finger, a fintech company, to participate in the Forum and actively participate in the MetaCity. Finger became the 9th company to join MetaCity Forum.

Fortifying infrastructure for MetaCity Forum

Finger, the largest smart finance platform company in Korea, is a KOSDAQ-listed company that specializes in B2C fintech. Its main business model is a smart finance platform and solution, and B2C fintech service, which offers a distance service platform to build and develop for financial institutions such as banks, credit card companies, life insurance companies, property insurance companies, securities companies, and management companies.

This agreement contains the following summary of articles

Key agreement

  1. Finger to join MetaCity Forum Alliance
  2. Finger to implement financial solution and portal system within the MetaCity through the new technology such as blockchain, AI and others.
  3. Finger to provide communal platform in a form of standardized open API service for financial services within the MetaCity for the users.
  4. Finger to build digital financial services such as smart banking within the MetaCity.
  5. Building ‘Dokdoverse’ initiated by Finger in connection with MetaCity.
  6. Finger to work together with other enterprises within the MetaCity and strengthen the user experience.
  7. Others that requires a close working relationship

With this, the MetaCity Forum is now comprised of a total of 9 companies including BOSAGORA, AIITONE, URACLE, BRI, IBK Investment & Securities, KB Capital, Ethan & Alice Marketing, TELOS, and the newly participating Finger, for stronger infrastructure.

Convergence of Meta Finance and B2C Fintech

B2C fintech technology and financial solutions that serve as a bridge between financial companies and users to implement various digital financial services such as open banking, global banking, remittance/payment solutions, and cloud services are essential for the perfection and activation of the service platform.

In particular, MetaCity, where all financial activities take place in the virtual world, is expected to bring great synergy to the expansion of the financial ecosystem in MetaCity by merging with Finger’s B2C fintech expertise in various digital financial solutions, and virtual platforms.

Establishing sustainable digital ESG administration

Through the Metacity Forum, BOSAGORA aims to lead the future industry where reality and virtuality come together by building MetaCity with publicly reliable and powerful infrastructures that combine metaverse and blockchain. In addition, we plan to fulfill our social responsibilities by establishing digital ESG administration within MetaCity for sustainable development.

For this, BOSAGORA is discussing partnerships with organizations, institutions, and companies in various industries, and will additionally share the news with the community as soon as we sign them in.


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