BOSAGORA, signed a business partnership with MetaCity Lab

BOSAGORA, signed a business partnership with MetaCity Lab


BOSAGORA, who sits as a permanent chair of the MetaCity Forum, signed a business partnership with a Proptech enterprise, MetaCity Lab, (MCL) on Nov 30th to participate in the MetaCity Forum and contribute to the development of MetaCity. Now MetaCity Lab has become the 11th company to join the forum.

MetaCity Forum infrastructure expansion

MetaCity Lab is a Proptech company that implements city development within metaverse. Proptech is a coined term combining ‘property’ and ‘technology’ to describe a property service adopting technologies such as mobile and big data.

MetaCity Lab is currently planning and developing BettaVille, a metaverse-based citizen-participatory urban development platform that enables citizens, local governments, and city developers to create a sustainable city together through communication.

Bettaville is a communicative urban development platform that allows you to experience the future one step ahead by realizing the city of the future in the metaverse, meaning ‘Beta, but better than real’. Unlike the existing digital twin or online showroom, a realistic experience as if the user directly visited the space using a game engine is possible within Bettaville.

The following is the key agreement:

Key Agreement

  1. Join MetaCity Forum as an alliance
  2. Development of a platform for citizen participation in urban development using metaverse
  3. MetaAgora and metaverse urban development integrated platform development
  4. Further partnership for the development of MetaCity
  5. Other close cooperation if any

With this, the MetaCity Forum is now comprised of a total of 11 companies including BOSAGORA, AIITONE, URACLE, BRI, IBK Investment & Securities, KB Capital, Ethan & Alice Marketing, TELOS, Finger, D’light and the newly participating MetaCity Lab, for stronger infrastructure.

Efficiency and expansion of Cyber Model House

The entry into the metaverse of large Korean proptech companies is rapidly expanding. GS E&C and Jikbang introduced a cyber model house that applied VR for the sale of ‘DMC River Park Xi’ apartment in Goyang-si, Gyeonggi-do. Posco Construction with Olymplanet a metaverse company, built a cyber model house for ‘The Sharp Songdo Ark Bay’.

Building and using a whole building as a model house, which is the existing method, incurs huge costs, and considering the waste from the demolition process after about 6 months of operation, the use of a cyber model house is emerging as an efficient alternative in many ways.

MetaCity Forum ecosystem growth

MetaCity, built by the MetaCity Forum, is a blockchain-based metaverse platform that connects the real economy and the virtual world, and its integration with various industries plays an important role in revitalizing the ecosystem. This collaboration with MetaCity Lab is expected to be the starting point of the ecosystem expansion into the real estate industry.

For this, BOSAGORA is discussing partnerships with organizations, institutions, and companies in various industries, and will additionally share the news with the community as soon as we sign them in.


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