BOSAGORA, signed a partnership with the Metaverse platform developer, Telos

BOSAGORA, signed a partnership with the Metaverse platform developer, Telos


On November 5th, BOSAGORA, a standing representative of MetaCity Forum, signed a business agreement with Telos, a the platform developer company, to participate in the MetaCity Forum and actively participate in the MetaCity. Telos is now the 8th company to join the forum.

Strengthening the Metaverse technology

Telos, a blockchain-based Metaverse platform developer company, develops and distributes blockchain-based DID-style Metaverse platform services. It mainly focuses on Virtual Reality (VR) platforms and visual graphic development technology. They have developed and provided the Metaverse education program for the Agricultural Promotion Agency, and are expanding in various local educational industries, such as supplying the platforms to leading universities in Jeollabuk-do.

The following is the summary of the partnership agreement; to strengthen the Metaverse technology and build the ecosystem in MetaCity.

Key agreement

  1. Participate in the alliance of MetaCity Forum
  2. Contribute Metaverse technology such as VR, AR, etc. for MetaCity
  3. Development and providing of contents within the Metaverse required by affiliated businesses within MetaCity
  4. Strengthening partnerships with companies that can cooperate to build MetaCity
  5. Other collaborations

This means that the MetaCity Forum now consists of a total of 8 enterprises including Telos, BOSAGORA, AIITONE, Uracle, BRI (Canada), IBK Securities, KB Capital, and Ethan & Alice Marketing, with strengthened infrastructure.

MetaCity as a pioneer in the public sector

The Ministry of Economy and Finance of Korea, the home country where BOSAGORA is expanding its business, recently announced that it will invest 2.6 trillion Won in financial investment in six key development areas, including the Metaverse, blockchain, cloud computing, and intelligent robots by 2025.

In addition, large-scale blockchain technology convergence/connection projects and 5G/AI-based robot convergence demonstrations are promoted to create new market demands in the private and public sectors, establish an open Metaverse platform, and a blockchain technology innovation support center where it focuses on the industrial infrastructure to expand it.

As such, the MetaCity, which offers a convergence of blockchain and the Metaverse, built by the MetaCity Forum, is further establishing itself as a leader in the Metaverse platform in the public sector to enable the governments to adopt the new era of technologies.

MetaCity Forum and growing interests

The MetaCity Forum, led by BOSAGORA as its standing representative, is continuously attracting partnerships and interests from more companies with the technological prowess and strong infrastructure. As the Metaverse has recently emerged with soaring popularity, centering on the Millenial-GenZ generation, interest in the MetaCity Forum is also on the rise.

MetaCity Forum is striving to build a Metaverse ecosystem and strengthen technology to take the lead in the coming of the Metaverse era and the fast-adopting society. Just as the Internet has changed the world, we believe that MetaCity with transparency and fairness will become a major platform that encompasses the public sphere and bring changes to society. As MetaCity develops and is widely implemented, we plan to utilize the BOSAGORA chain and apply a full functioning economy within.

BOSAGORA will further expand the forum by inviting other organizations, institutions, and companies from various industries, and will continue to share the news with the community when it is ready.


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