BOSAGORA Signed Business Partnership with PIST TRUST

BOSAGORA Signed Business Partnership with PIST TRUST


BOSAGORA signed a business partnership on the 30th with PIST TRUST, a blockchain-based digital asset management platform

A digital asset securitization one-stop platform

PIST TRUST is a blockchain-based digital asset one-stop platform that securitizes digital assets and systematizes various asset management services from trusts to liquidation. It is designed to be able to easily transfer various types of virtual assets within the platform using cross-chain technology and allows the connection of multiple blockchains.

PIST TRUST has recently launched an NFT Marketplace, where various works such as artworks, illustrations, sound sources, and game items can be issued as NFTs to prove copyright and ownership of works and to trade them. What was developed as a PIST network based mainnet, PIST Wallet supports purchases of its own virtual assets, NFT transactions and storage and deposits and withdrawals. Plans are in discussion to also support deposits and withdrawals in Korean Won.

The contents of the agreement with PIST TRUST are as follows.

Main Agreements

1.Technical cooperation for NFT marketplace development based on the BOSAGORA Metachain

2. Entrance into NFT Marketplace based on PIST’s ecosystem in Metacity Meta Media and provision of related services

3. Cooperation to provide mutual benefits for the development of both companies

4. Other matters that require close cooperation

Expansion of the global NFT market

Around the globe, major global cryptocurrency exchanges such as Binance, Coinbase, Upbit, and FTX are one after another opening their own NFT marketplace. In addition, global IT companies such as Twitter and Telegram are entering the NFT market, and the NFT market is rapidly expanding. According to DappRadar, a company that tracks data for cryptocurrency-based applications, the NFT market has proven its growth potential with a turnover of $10 billion in the third quarter of 2021.

NFTs are currently attracting an immense amount of attention worldwide and will play an important role in driving economic growth in various industries. The role of the NFT Marketplace, a platform that allows users to freely trade various NFTs, is essential in building a complete economic market within the virtual world.

Metacity and NFT

BOSAGORA intends to provide a variety of benefits to users through expanding on tradable assets such as NFTs into digital assets which can be traded within Metacity, a place where real economy and the virtual world come together. When the real economy and the virtual world are smoothly linked and economic activity is carried out, the ecosystem of Metacity will naturally expand.

Additionally, since the role of the Marketplace has significant importance within Metacity, we plan to launch an NFT Marketplace optimized for the MetaCity Forum and collaborate with a variety of partners who possess related technologies.

Furthermore, BOSAGORA is in discussion for partnerships with various blockchain projects to strengthen the network ecosystem and revitalize Metacity. We will update you as soon as we sign them in.


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