BOSAGORA signs business agreement with MONEYTODAY Corp.

BOSAGORA signs business agreement with MONEYTODAY Corp.


On the 25th of this month, BOSAGORA, an ongoing permanent representative supporting the MetaCity Forum, has signed a business agreement with comprehensive economic media group MONEYTODAY Corp., to participate in the MetaCity Forum and to ultimately reinvigorate the MetaCity. MONEYTODAY Corp. is now in position to participant as the 14th company in the MetaCity Forum.

The first media company in MetaCity Forum
As one of the “Big Three” comprehensive media companies in the field of economic news in South Korea, MONEYTODAY Corp. has founded Star-News, Money S, The Bell, and operates Money Today Broadcasting (MTN). Also, they are providing online and offline integrated news media and starting a new page of the Media industry.

Its main business areas include online advertising, IR (Investor Relations & Corporate Description Activities) services, news sales and franchise services, and traditional newspaper advertising and marketing. In addition to the original functions of newspapers, the news is serviced in real-time through securities firms, Internet portal sites, and financial institutions, and articles are also sent to overseas telecommunication companies such as Bloomberg and Reuters.

They recently entered into the blockchain industry by signing an agreement with the blockchain developer firm Pist Trust to jointly operate the NFT marketplace “BLUECUS”, a platform that supports NFT creation and trading, allows users to use NFT to tokenize their personal products for trading and display. In addition, creations that have passed the BLUECUS self-censorship process are marked as NFTs, which can be traded at fixed prices through public and private auctions.

The main agreements to participate in the MetaCity Forum with MONEYTODAY Corp. to revitalize the MetaCity are as follows:

Main Agreements
1. To participated in the MetaCity Forum as a business alliance

2. To launch MONEYTODAY MetaCity branch in MetaCity for providing meta media services such as news and broadcasting

3. To activate MetaCity through cooperation with MONEYTODAY NFT Marketplace BLUECUS

4. MONEYTODAY Corp. to work together with other enterprises within the MetaCity and strengthen the user experience.

5. Other matters requiring close cooperation

Furthermore, the MetaCity Forum, including the newly participating MONEYTODAY Corp., is being established by BOSAGORA, AIITONE, Uracle, BRI, IBK Securities, KB Capital, Ethan & Alice Marketing, Telos, Finger, D-LIGHT, MetaCity Lab, CROWDY, SAMBO Engineering; a total of 14 companies that have had a hand in further strengthening its infrastructure.

Changes in the future media industry
As the importance of online virtual space grows due to the COVID-19 pandemic, interest in virtual space utilization technology is increasing, causing an increase in non-face-to-face technology and a boom in the growth of the related content industry. As a result, the transition to the metaverse era, a new ubiquitous-based virtual convergence platform that combines virtual and reality, is accelerating.

Especially in the future, media, art and TV will not need to exist physically. If virtual reality/augmented reality (VR/AR) technology is highly developed, it will be easily replaced by holograms on board the metaverse wearing digital glasses. The media will transmit the desired article as a hologram to users in real-time through virtual space regardless of place and time.

MetaCity, is on its way
MetaCity specializes in the public domain. During a special lecture on the construction of “MetaCity Yeoncheon” hosted by Yeoncheon-gun and “MetaCity Summit” with Namyangju recently. We believe that the virtual world incorporating blockchain will provide a space for citizens to engage in various activities in the most transparent, fair and stable environment.

By joining the MetaCity Forum of MONEYTODAY Corp. today. It expects that a MetaCity ecosystem that encompasses the media will be established, taking a step further to “Making a Better World” that BOSAGORA dreams of.

Moreover, BOSAGORA is in discussion to cooperate with other groups, institutions, and companies in numerous of fields for the expansion and vitalization of the MetaCity ecosystem and are looking forward to updating the community as soon as the ongoing consultation is completed.


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