BOSAGORA signs business agreement with PARADIGM CHANGE CINEMA 9

BOSAGORA signs business agreement with PARADIGM CHANGE CINEMA 9


On the 24th of this month, BOSAGORA, an ongoing permanent representative supporting the MetaCity Forum, has signed a business agreement with a premium cultural content startup company PARADIGM CHANGE CINEMA 9, to participate in the MetaCity Forum and to ultimately reinvigorate the MetaCity. PARADIGM CHANGE CINEMA 9 is now in position to participant as the 15th company in the MetaCity Forum.

Premium Cultural Contents Startup Cinema 9
Cinema 9 is a startup that develops a space where you can enjoy travel and cultural content in a complex way. Although the business started in January 2022, it has already decided to open a premium concept theatre in several hotels, including Jeju Shinhwa World Hotel & Resort. Cinema 9 is conducting a highly profitable cultural business with premium, smart (unmanned, robot, etc.), travel destinations as key differentiating factors. In particular, Cinema 9 is leading the change in the cultural contents market by actively utilizing KT’s robot technology and cutting-edge kiosks to become the third-largest theatre market share in South Korea by 2025.

Cinema 9 plans to expand its business by incorporating Metaverse through cooperation with MetaCity Forum, going further from its core business on offline cinema.

The main agreements to participate in the MetaCity Forum with Cinema 9 to revitalize the MetaCity are as follows:

Main Agreements

1. To participated in the MetaCity Forum as a business alliance

2. To discover new metaverse projects and build metaverse services using forum resources

3. To bridge MetaCity with the new metaverse service

4. To codevelop and operate of metaverse movie viewing contents in MetaCity

5. Other matters requiring close cooperation

Furthermore, the MetaCity Forum, including the newly participating PARADIGM CHANGE CINEMA 9, is being established by BOSAGORA, AIITONE, Uracle, BRI, IBK Securities, KB Capital, Ethan & Alice Marketing, Telos, Finger, D-LIGHT, MetaCity Lab, CROWDY, SAMBO Engineering, MONEYTODAY Corp.; a total of 15 companies that have had a hand in further strengthening its infrastructure.

MetaCity, another place of living
MetaCity will become another world that can contain everything we enjoy in real life, such as citizen participation, education, finance, donation, culture, content, and commerce, etc. Starting with Cinema 9, BOSAGORA intends to provide a variety of contents that can be enjoyed in MetaCity to create an authentic online living space where allows users actively communicate with each other and enjoy various services. As in reality, multiple goods are used, and participants can receive rewards according to specific rules. All of this will be managed transparently and fairly by the blockchain.

Moreover, BOSAGORA with the MetaCity Forum are in discussion to cooperate with other groups, institutions, and companies in numerous of fields for the expansion and vitalization of the MetaCity ecosystem and are looking forward to updating the community as soon as the ongoing consultation is completed.


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