Global ESG MetaCity Summit 2021, what a successful day!

Global ESG MetaCity Summit 2021, what a successful day!


Hello BOSAGORAians,

The ‘Global ESG MetaCity Summit 2021’, jointly hosted by the MetaCity Forum, where BOSAGORA is the permanent chair, and the municipality of Namyangju, was successfully held both real life and the Metaverse in parallel on the 7th.

The real life event was held at the Jeong Yak-Yong Library Auditorium in Namyangju, and the online and the Metaverse event was broadcast live to participants around the world through YouTube and ‘NYJ Meta Agora(더 활짝 아고라)’, the Metaverse platform developed by the Metacity Forum.

The summit had congratulatory remarks by Prime Minister Bu-Gyeom Kim and President Jin-Taek Jeong of Korea University, and a keynote speech by Mayor of Namyangju Gwang-han Cho began the summit.

One of our VIP special guest speakers were, Don Tapscott, executive chairman of Blockchain Research Institute (BRI), and a world-class IT guru, on the theme of “HOW BLOCKCHAIN IS ENABLING THE NEXT ERA OF COLLABORATION, COMMERCE, AND CITIZENSHIP.” He had originally planned to visit Korea and deliver the presentation in person but had to cancel the trip at the last minute due to each countries’ strengthened quarantine for the new variant of Covid 19.

Speeches from other global leading figures in various business sectors followed his video speech, all tuning into the theme of the summit.

Lee Sang-Rae, vice president of the digital finance division of NH Nonghyup Bank, a major bank in South Korea, gave a presentation on “Future finance realized through Metaverse”, and Kim In-Suk, who leads Unity Technologies Korea, presented the topic “Evolution of Metaverse for ESG”. Finally, Toshi Anders Hoo, who leads the Emerging Media Lab of INSTITUTE FOR THE FUTURE (IFTF), under the theme of “Welcome to the Meta-Meta-Metaverse,” gave an in-depth look at the trend and the next steps of the Metaverse.

In-hwan Kim, chairman of the BOSAGORA Foundation and executive representative of the MetaCity Forum, announced a blueprint for MetaCity, which is a convergence of the Metaverse and blockchain that BOGAGORA is building, as a use case.

Immersive media implementation for Eco-Museum was well received in particular among the audience.

“Social Develop,” a citizen-participatory urban development platform utilizing new technologies to be built in MetaCity, received the greatest interest and excitement from Metaverse participants.

Performing band performance for the audience with all the speakers’ avatars on the stage during the interval on the Metaverse captured the essence of this technology — going beyond our limitations and being completely immersed in the experience.

Key take away

As the digital transformation of the economy and industry is rapidly advancing, the Metaverse is emerging as a hot topic that is changing the economic ecosystem in finance, manufacturing, and education.

MetaCity Forum, together with the municipality of Namyangju, prepared this summit to plan ahead for the Metaverse and prepare for social changes, discuss the role and adoption of the Metaverse in the public sector, and realize sustainable development and pursue ESG value.

BOSAGORA, a public blockchain platform, plans to continuously find new use cases for the blockchain and Metaverse industry.

Thank you for all your support whether you had been in this summit on the Metaverse with us or watched us live stream on Youtube. We plan to upload video clips of the speeches for the community through the official social media channel, stay in tune!


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