BOSagora, launching 1,000 limited [FM_US NFT] on CROWDY

BOSagora, launching 1,000 limited [FM_US NFT] on CROWDY


BOSagora, after announcing its launch of BizNet with the aim to revitalize the token economy, is presenting its first use case. We are offering to sell limited amount of 1,000 [FM_US_NFTs] on a crowdfunding company called CROWDYexclusively as we are celebrating the remarkable achievements of US funds run by our strategic partner FMtechnology.

BOSaogra FM_US NFT Funding on CROWDY:

The Highest Cumulative Returns of US Funds Exceeding 60% compared to NASDAQ

FMtechnology Co., Ltd., established in 2019, is a Korean FinTech company with Stock Picking Engine applicable to all stock markets around the world. In 2021, DaVinci Wealth Management, a hedge fund firm established by FMtechnology in the United States, operated for about six months from December 1, 2021 till now (June, 2022). The Firm achieved the highest cumulative return of 43% and recorded a return of over 60% compared to the NASDAQ Index during the same period, proving the engine’s profitability and stability.

100% refundable NFT with entertainment value and benefits

[FM_US NFT] issued by BOSagora is limited to 1,000 units in total for KRW100,000 each. To become a holder of [FM_US NFT], you must create a BOA wallet to receive NFT and subsequent rewards associated. The official NFT sales will begin from July 1, 2022, and the actual NFTs will be issued sequentially from August 1, 2022 after its first-come-first-served deadline. The rewards associated with our NFTs are as follows.:


  1. One month subscription coupon for FMschool (worth 48,000KRW)

    A financial investment education professional service. FMschool is a stock education specialized platform where experts in each field systematically explain stocks in a fun way. It has over 350 short-form videos (with less than 3 minutes long)


  2. To those who create a BOA wallet during the [FM_US_NFT] Reward pre-release period: KRW 2,000 worth of BOA airdrop per NFT with additional reward event
    Refer to the method of creating a BOA wallet and create your own wallet address during the [FM_US NFT Reward pre-release period. Then, send your CROWDY ID to [email protected] within the period. After the funding is successfully completed, the NFT purchasers will be checked individually for participation in the wallet certification event, and 2,000KRW worth of BOA will be sent to your wallet.

    Additional reward event
    ‘Blue NFTs’ will be issued in the order of participation in general. However, 10,000 KRW worth of BOA will be extra airdropped to the lucky Silver NFT holder who will receive this special NFT for every 50 units issued (issuance number 50, 100, 150, and so on). The FM_US NFT issuance date will be starting on August 1st. And an additional 100,000KRW worth of BOA will be offered to The 81st’ Gold NFT’ holder to commemorate the day.

  3. BOA Airdrop Based on FM DaVinci US Fund Index Growth Rate
    Airdrop will be based on the average return of FM DaVinci US funds operation for one year from August 15, 2022 to August 14, 2023. Airdrop will be given according to the table below and the reward will be sent in a lump sum after the end of the fund operation period. FM DaVinCi US Fund selects 50 projects with their Stock Picking Engine to form a portfolio. Each project is included in the same proportion of 2% and operates with a 3-month strategy. Portfolios can be viewed on

    NFT Refund Regulations and Methods

    This NFT can be freely tradable at BOSagora NFT Marketplace which is scheduled to launch within the first half of 2023. After the end of the fund management period, a full refund on the NFT is available for 6 months from August 16, 2023 to February 16, 2024. More details can be found on the CROWDY page .

    BOSagora’s New Adventure

    Different from the typical NFT forms of gif, simple collectibles, or transaction format, FM_US NFT is taking one step closer to the real world and the real economy.

    Under the banner of ‘Make a Better World with Blockchain Technology’, BOSagora will keep collaborating with various entities related to finance, education, and the environment. BOSagora aims to issue NFTs that will add meanings to our daily lives in our NFTs.

    Please keep an eye for the latest from BOSagora.


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