BOSagora agrees to a strategic partnership with O2O advertisement platform CASH ZONE

BOSagora agrees to a strategic partnership with O2O advertisement platform CASH ZONE


BOSagora recently launched BizNet, an independent business network with Ethereum network-compatibility. Bosagora is also expanding its ecosystem through cooperations with other business organizations, most notably, recent BizNet-based NFT launch on CROWDY.

Token ecosystem of services on BizNet allows for mutual exchange through Biz-BOA, a BizNet native token. New services deploying to BizNet can use existing ecosystem and market their services as well as receiving support when it comes to securing their user base and proliferating token economy.

BOSagora has been putting effort into utilizing blockchain network and vitalizing token economy in practical business areas, especially for local businesses, and its effort has extended into signing a strategic partnership with CASH ZONE, O2O(online-to-offline) ‘digital flyer’ advertisement platform that connects small businesses to affordable services.

O2O advertising platform CASH ZONE
CASH ZONE Co., Ltd. was established in 2018 and is a tech company with several patents and trademarks based on its proprietary technology.The CASH ZONE, provides service that whenever Cash Zone’s member views an online flyer, Cash Zone pays cash to the member and the advertiser who posted the online flyer.

Together with CASH ZONE Co., Ltd., BOSagora aims to vitalize the blockchain-based local economy with improved convenience for service subscription and use for local small businesses/companies as well as expanding the services available to members.

Key agreements
1. Vitalization of token economy using BOSagora network platform
2. Strengthen CASH ZONE service
3. Exchange of infrastructure information and public-private cooperation networks to enhance business opportunities
4. Cooperation to revitalize the local economy through small business support
5. Other matters requiring close cooperation

Towards the ever-expanding BizNet ecosystem
On June 29th last month, BOSagora launched a business-specialized network called BizNet that supports smart contracts, a requirement for NFT and DeFi. BOSagora emphasizes easy of use and adaptability for incumbent developers to the network. Following the launch, BOSagora put out its first use case of the network with the launch of NFT on CROWDY, a crowd-funding platform.

Partnership with Cash Zone is a defining moment as it symbolizes blockchain implementation to natural economy using BizNet. We are expecting this partnership as a stepping stone towards a new era where everyone can do their daily transactions using blockchain technology.


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