BOSagora agrees to a strategic partnership with FINPLUS Global, a big data-based fintech company

BOSagora agrees to a strategic partnership with FINPLUS Global, a big data-based fintech company


BOSagora recently launched BizNet, an independent business network with Ethereum network-compatibility. BOSagora signed a business agreement with FINPLUS Global following CASH ZONE, further expanding the cooperative relationship for vitalizing the BizNet ecosystem.

Big data-based fintech company FINPLUS Global

FINPLUS Global Co., Ltd. (from now on referred to as “FINPL”) was established in 2019, and aims to “remove the barriers of privilege for the few,” providing real estate information, related transaction details, document issuance services through network development and operation application “FINPL.” They also own five patents, and there is one in the application stage. The application submission shows it can innovatively change the complex and long-term natural estate-related business environment based on its unique technology. It was also selected as the winner of the “Korea Patent Excellence Award” in the first half of 2022 by the Korea Institute of Patent Information and The Hankook Ilbo(Korea Daily).

FINPL is becoming a real estate platform based on the business reliability and stability guaranteed by an Internet-based registration platform, based on holding a real estate expert database and real estate big data. BOSagora agreed to collaborate on this real estate platform for the first time application of NFT based on real estate assets, construct an NFT marketplace, and sign a business agreement.

The main contents of the agreement with FINPLUS Global are as follows.

Key agreements
1. Activate FINPL-RTF (Real Estate NFT Platform) service
2. Revitalizing the economy of BOSagora-based Token
3. Exchange infrastructure information and public-private partnership networks to revitalize each party’s business
4. Other matters requiring close cooperation

Takes One Step Closer to Blockchain Living Economy With BizNet

BizNet is a network compatible with Ethereum and supports smart contracts, and provides swap and bridge functions that allow service tokens accumulated by DApps to be converted for ERC20 tokens listed on exchanges. BOSagora launched BizNet at the end of June, followed by the first NFT on July 1st. The new concept of NFT provides token rewards according to the index growth rate of the FMway US fund, which is also 100% refundable after one year.

Meanwhile, the real estate platform FINPL-RFT, which is about to be launched by FINPL, is in progress to secure the first property in September and issue real estate NFTs in conjunction with BOSagora’s BizNet. When the real estate sale is completed, the establishment of the SPC and the recruitment of investors proceed. The two companies are working on a project to issue an NFT within the third quarter of 2022.

The real estate platform, where BOSagora and FINPL are collaborating, enables small real estate market investments requiring a certain level of capital. In addition, as the proper investment document is issued in the form of NFT, it is allowed to trade freely when the marketplace is ready. Airdrop will be sent depending on the number of NFTs investors hold.

In the future, BOSagora will continue strengthening the BizNet ecosystem, making daily life more convenient and enriching through collaboration with innovative projects such as CASH ZONE and FINPL.


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