BOSagora agrees to a strategic partnership with NHN Cloud, top cloud service provider in South Korea

BOSagora agrees to a strategic partnership with NHN Cloud, top cloud service provider in South Korea


BOSagora agrees to partner with NHN Cloud, an integrated cloud company, to revitalize the BizNet token economy by providing more convenient environments and beneficial conditions to BizNet-based DApp partners. Furthermore, in various business-based services to be introduced in the future, we have agreed to provide a more competitive environment by combining the technologies of BOSagora and NHN Cloud.

NHN Cloud, expands beyond a game platform to a global IT platform
NHN Cloud provides integrated cloud services that enable complex infrastructure, platform development, and overall service delivery for operational operations. Businesses that offer online services that require complex infrastructure and platform development and operational tasks provide optimized solutions and affordable, industry-specific clouds for a wide range of industries to help them develop content more usefully, conveniently and quickly.

BOSagora cooperates with NHN Cloud by maximizing the capabilities and resources of both parties to implement services such as NFT Marketplace and P2E based on BizNet with more convenient and favorable conditions.

The main contents of the agreement with NHN Cloud are as follows.

Key agreements
1. NHN service offers a discount to apply in the use case for activating the token economy based on BOSagora
2. Mounting NHN platform in BOSagora service to activate NHN service
3. Exchange infrastructure information and public-private partnership networks to revitalize each party’s business
4. Other matters requiring close cooperation

BizNet ecosystem that is further expanded with cloud services
Cooperation with NHN Cloud is expected to enhance the competitiveness of BizNet itself as well as the competitiveness of each DApp service to be provided based on BizNet. BOSagora and NHN Cloud plan to collaborate on networks, exchanges, and marketplaces before moving forward.

Meanwhile, BOSagora introduced a new concept NFT that provides token rewards according to the first FMway US fund’s index growth rate and a 100% refundable after one year on the July 1st . This first NFT is an NFT that contains financial investment and educational opportunities in addition to the meaning of the NFT itself. BOSagora aims to issue NFTs that are related to finance, education, and the environment to add meaning to our daily life in the future. Furthermore, we plan to collaborate closely with NHN Cloud in issuing NFTs related to services such as M2E and P2E.

We will also plan to offer a discounted price for BOSagora partners who helps to expand the BizNet ecosystem by using NHN cloud services. We look forward to collaborating with enterprising and active partners who want to revitalize the blockchain economy ecosystem.

BOSagora will keep striving to make a better world through blockchain. So please keep an eye on BOSagora and our partners who have the same goal as us.


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