BOSagora agrees to a strategic partnership with with NeedMade, an Ontact bowling platform ‘Pingong’ service

BOSagora agrees to a strategic partnership with with NeedMade, an Ontact bowling platform ‘Pingong’ service


BOSagora has partnered with NeedMade, a service company of ‘Pingong,’ an Ontact bowling platform with a business ecosystem that combines blockchain and the real economy, to further revitalize the ecosystem by providing a beneficial and convenient environment for BizNet users.

NeedMade, leading the popularization of bowling with an Untact platform
Bowling is one of the most popular leisure sports in Korea, a national sport with about 2 million users. Currently, about 1,080 bowling alleys and 18,000 lanes are in operation nationwide. As long as a self-service machine linked to an online real-time bowling platform such as “Pingong” is installed, users can compete online without being limited to venues. It is one of the industries with excellent growth potential.

To lead the popularity of bowling, NeedMade has launched “Pingong”, an ontact real-time bowling platform where users can watch opponents’ matches and enjoy bowling matches through kiosks.

<Bowling alley with ontact bowling platform “Pingong”>
Ontact: A concept that puts ‘on’ to the outside world through online to ‘untact’, which refers to non-face-to-face. A new trend emerged as the spread of COVID-19 in 2020 prolonged. (Ref. Naver information)

NeedMade is accelerating infrastructure development by entering into a strategic business agreement (MOU) with BNC, which is a solution company that provides POS programs and score transmission systems to more than 700 sports centers and bowling alleys nationwide. In addition, they are working hard to popularize the bowling industry by revitalizing the bowling ontact platform by holding a bowling competition using the “Pingong” platform.

<Festival Pingong>

In order to combine blockchain technology with real economy businesses that incorporate ontact bowling platforms. NeedMade plans to issue a cryptocurrency called PIN token to act as a reward for providing exercise data that occurs when users play in their online games platform ‘Pingong’.

The main contents of the agreement with NeedMade are as follows.

Key agreements
1. BOSagora blockchain network to revitalize the NeedMade PIN token economy
2. Cooperation to vitalize the BOSagora blockchain network
3. Cooperation through token swaps of each party
4. Exchange infrastructure information and public-private partnership networks to revitalize each party’s business
5. Other matters requiring close cooperation

The integration of real economy and blockchain strengthens the BizNet ecosystem.

Cooperation with NeedMade means various tokens issued through BizNet by service providers can be used for leisure sports such as bowling. It is also expected to enhance the competitiveness of the BizNet ecosystem further.

Blockchain technology allows us to enjoy various essential elements of life such as leisure sports, hobbies, and learning through consumption more rationally and efficiently in our daily life. It not only provides users with consumption rewards but also rewards for their behavior of using services, allowing them to obtain additional benefits such as various services, culture, and finance combined with blockchain technology. Therefore, it can be seen that the integration of blockchain and the real economy will become an essential standard for the future expansion of the blockchain industry.

In order to continuously expand the BizNet ecosystem and strengthen its competitiveness, BOSagora is discussing cooperation with various partners. We are convinced that enhancing BizNet can help realize the vision of “Making a better world through blockchain.” So please stay tuned for the future of the blockchain industry created by BOSagora and our partners.


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