BOSAGORA Foundation

The BOSAGORA Foundation was established in Zug, Switzerland on April 7, 2017. The purpose of the foundation is to develop and promote BOSAGORA’s underlying technical protocol and applications.

BOSAGORA Foundation Member

Iwan Kim


Inhwan Kim brings over 35 years of marketing experience to the BOSAGORA team. During these 35 years Inhwan Kim has been the driving force behind many industry leading brands spanning from IT all the way to traditional finance. Some of these brands include the stock trading community portal Paxnet and the spring water brand Jeju Samdasu. Inhwan Kim has been apart of the BOS Platform Foundation since 2015 where he served as president.

Serge Komaromi


Immediately after graduating from law school in Geneva, Switzerland Serge Komaromi joined the international bank UBS where he served as a fund manager. In 2009 after spending what seemed like a lifetime in traditional banking Serge Komaromi decided to turn his efforts to environmental initiatives in the hopes of contributing to the improvement of the state of our planet. In 2017 Serge Komaromi joined the BOSAGORA Foundation, and has been in charge of general oversight and legal matters.

Mario Lee

Vice President

From 1994, he started his career in IT industry as an early pioneer. He was one of the first member who created shopping mall solution in Korea in 1999. He spent most of his career to develop technical solution for Stock market and Financial services. From 2017, he joined BlockchainOS and developed blockchain services and wallets. Currently, he is vice president of BOS Platform Foundation.


Don Tapscott


Don is the author of international best-seller ‘Blockchain Revolution’, and also he authored or co-authored 15 widely read books all over the world. In 2015, Thinkers50 named Don as the 4th most important business thinker in the world. In 2017, he established The Blockchain Research Institute, the world’s leading think-tank dedicated to understanding blockchain opportunities, challenges and use-cases.

Team Members

The Team Members of BOSAGORA Project are as follows. They carry out technology development, platform operation, and marketing specified in the white paper.

Mario Lee
Joon Jung


Johan Lee
Mathias Lang
Michael Kim
Technical Director
Chris Hewison
Ömer Faruk Irmak
Henry Kim
Jay Lee
Simon Kang

Muhammed Kadir Yücel


Evan Sung


Vicky Yip


Jieun Noh


Matthew Kim

Business Developer

Raena Jang


Julie Kwon
John Cho
KoSAC (Korea Smart Authentication Corp)
KoSAC is a tech start up that joined the BOSAGORA ecosystem in 2018. KoSAC has been independently developing the Defora system since the second half of 2018. KoSAC has been entrusted with the responsibility of development the decision making process core to the Congress Network.
Kibong Moon
Joongu Kang
Namkyun Kim


Chloe Han

Creative Manager

Kwanghu Lee
Technical Advisory Board
The Technical Advisory Board is comprised of external experts to support and check the development process. Details of the composition and operation of the Technical Advisory Board will be transparently disclosed.
Mathias Baumann
Mauro Cappiello
Dite Gashi