Privacy Policy

BOSAGORA Foundation(hereafter “Foundation”) shall set/open personal information process policy to protect user’s personal information and to handle problems in regard with this more convenience.

Clause 1 (Purpose of Collecting Personal Information)
Foundation collects personal information from the users for the purpose of each section.
Distinguish users and confirm intention of service use, Confirm individual and age, Prevent illegality
Provide service, Handling requests or claims, Notify announcement
Compile statics service using record and connection frequency, Provide customized service, Improve service
Prevent and restrict performance of triggering inconvenient service operation, Prevent account steal or illegal transaction
(For checking optional agreement) Send news letter or event, Use for marketing or ad
Clause 2 (Type of collecting Personal Information, method, and period)
Foundation shall collect and possess personal information from the users as following.
Method Type Period
Apply Air drop or Collect at purchasing token Email, personal identification document (One of passport, driver’s license, ID Card), Name, Birth date, sex, nation, address, picture, residence picture, BOS Coin wallet address,Ethereum address 3 Years from application
Collect automatically by using the site User IP region, country, and activity status
Collect at using customer support center User Email registered in relevant account, User name
Foundation can use or possess until finishing the relevant causes even conforming Clause 1 or Clause 2.
Type Period
Investigation is on progress due to regulation violation Until the end of progress
Remain claim and obligation in regard to service usage Until the end of claim and obligation
Agreement revoke, payment, supply record according to 「The act on the consumer protection in the elctronic commerce transaction etc 5 Years
Customer claims or dispute records according to 「 The act on the consumer protection in the elctronic commerce transaction etc 3 Years
Record of electric commerce according to 「Electriconic Financial Transaction 」 5 Years
Record of collecting/handling credit information according to 「Use and Protection of the Credit Information Act 」 3 Years
Record of visiting homepage according to 「Protection of Communications Secrets Act 」 3 Months
Clause 3 (Consignment of Personal Information)
  1. Foundation consigns personal information to handle fluently.
    1. Customer management, provision of money and service, marketing
      – Consignee : ZeroOne Ltd. (Corporate of Republic of Korea)
      – Consignment content: Service provision, Solve difficulties or problems
  2. Air drop
    1. Consignee: Actwo Technologies (Corporate of Republic of Korea)/Exchange List
    2. Consignment content : Air drop
  3. KYC & AML
    1. Consignee : Full Stack Ltd. (Corp of Republic of Korea)
    2. Consignment Content : KYC(Customer Real Name Certification) & AML (Prevent Money Laundering)
Clause 4 (User authority & performance)
  1. User can exercise a right of personal information protection to foundation anytime.
    1. Request to browse personal information
    2. Request to revise for any errors
    3. Request to delete
    4. Request to stop handling
  2. Users can exercise rights to foundation following Clause1 by written paper, calling, or electric mail.
  3. When users request to revise or delete error of personal information, foundation do not use or provide it until deleted or revised.
  4. Exercising rights by Clause1 can be done by legal representatives or agents. But delegated person should submit power of attorney to foundation.
Clause 5 (Destruction of Personal Information)
  1. Foundation destroys personal information without any delay for the case of over-period of possession, achievement of purpose, and when personal information not required anymore.
  2. If personal information should be preserved even over the possession period or achieved the purpose, relevant personal information will be transferred to additional Database or other storage system.
  3. Process of destryoing personal information is as following.
    1. Procedure : Select personal information which occurred destruction cause, and perform destruction as getting approval by manager of personal information protection.
    2. Method : Foundation stores as electric file types. Saved personal information will be destoyed by irreproducible method, and paper-recorded information will be shredded or incinerated.
Clause 6 (Secure safety of Personal information)
Foundation takes action to secure safety of personal information.
  1. Managerial action: Set and perform internal management plan, Regular training
  2. Technical action: Manage access to personal information system
Clause 7 (Install/Operate/Refuse of auto collection system for personal information)
  1. Foundation uses cookie which saves and updates data to provide individually customized service to users.
  2. Cookie is the small amount of data sending to user’s computer browser from server (https) to operate website, and it could be saved to hard disk of user’s PC.
    1. Purpose of Cookie: It uses to provide optimized data to users by figuring out the visiting, using trend, search, or security of user’s service and websites.
    2. Install/operate/refuse of cookie (For Internet Explorer): It can be refused cookie saving by following path: Tool of web brower>Internet Option>Personal information data>Option setting.
    3. It might be difficult to use customized service when refusing cookie saving.
Clause 8 (Revision of Privacy Statement)
Company can revise the privacy statement, and it shall be notified by site bulletin board or email without any delay.
Clause 9 (Manager of Personal Information Protection)
  1. Foundation takes responsibility of handling perosnal information process generally, and designate manager of personal information protection for users’ claims or damage relief in regard with perosnal information handling.
    Personal Information Protection Manager
    Name : Kim, Inhwan
    Position : Director of BOSAGORA Foundation
  2. Foundation undertakes responsibility for personal information process generally in Korea, and designate an agent for handling users’ claims or damage relief in regard with personal information protection.
    Personal Information Protection Manager in Korea
    Name of Corporate: ZeroOne Ltd. (CEO Munsu, Lee)
    Address: Two IFC 1210,1211, 10, Gukjegeumyung-ro, Yeongdeungpo-gu, Seoul
    TEL: 02-6241-0801
  3. Users can request the personal information manager in regard to all personal information protection, claims, or damage relief during using the service of foundation.
Supplementary Provision

This Privacy Statement shall be applied from 2019.08.23