Registration for
BOSAGORA Coin Airdrop

BOA Airdrop Support Guide

BOSAGORA plans to conduct new BOA Airdrop for BOScoin users.

We plan to distribute BOA based on the amount of currency held BOScoin as of backup day(snapshot day)

Please check the necessary item list and registration process.

Then, complete KYC and register information you prepared through registration homepage.

Neccesary Item

  • BOScoin Public Address : 56-digit number (Example: GC7KIQFUL4Z7OKOMDRPUEBJNOY2V2SR2BKQVK722GRUCQAYW4XASUQ6H)
  • Ethereum Wallet Address : 42-digit number (Example: 0xb794F5eA0ba39494cE839613fffBA74279579268)
  • Completion and verification of KYC process
  • Email address

Registration Process

registration process
  • Step 01
    Access Airdrop registration page
  • Step 02
    Complete the KYC verification
  • Step 03
    Verify your email address and check KYC registration
  • Step 04
    Download Signer Application and create signature
  • Step 05
    Enter and verify BOScoin Public Address, and Signature
  • Step 06
    Check registration information and backup information
  • Step 07
    You are registered
The Voice of the People
In the future society, BOSAGORA will be suggest a highly reliable decision-making system with blockchain implemenntation.
  • You must complete KYC verification to receive BOA in the registered Ethereum Wallet Address.
  • Signature must be created and authenticated through the Singer application to complete the airdrop procedure.

Service on TokenNet

Use MyEtherWallet or MetaMask to managing BOA.
For more details on how to create wallet, please refer to the following links.

Once mainnet is open, we will provide BOSAGORA wallet and explore service.
Please use Ethereum based 3rd Party Service in TokenNet.

Check backup data(snapshot data)
check your backup data(snapshot data)
BOScoin Public Address starts with G and has a total of 56 digits. You must enter the BOScoin Public Address that you own on backup data(snapshot data) BOScoin Public Address of exchange does not support BOA Airdrop.
result value for your entered value
Date (UTC) BOScoin Public Address Amount (BOS)
No result. Check your BOScoin Public Address.