An open decentralized blockchain protocol that ensures transparency of the consensus algorithm


Full Node


Agora : Node implementation for BOA CoinNet

In this phase of development we will begin transitioning from our ERC20 based TestNet to our personal MainNet known as CoinNet. Once this development is complete all prexisting ERC20 BOA tokens will be converted to BOA coins.

Similar to Bitcoin, BOSAGORA Full Nodes receive both blocks & transactions followed by propagating them to their peers. Full Nodes do not take part in the consensus protocol nor do they create blocks, they are simply able to make sure that the received blocks have been accepted by the network.

A Validator is a superset of a Full Node. It does everything a Full Node does plus it has the added ability to participate in consensus with other Validators. Its function with regard to the network is similar to that of Bitcoin’s “miners”.

Flash Layer functionality adds the ability for Validators to handle “off-chain” transactions, by using their additional stake to create payment channels, which can then be used to conduct transactions without committing them to the chain. Ideally this layer would focus on microtransactions. As a result, fees & node rewards need to make the Flash Layer attractive.

This phase of development is dedicated to developing and improving integrations with existing tools. Possible developments would be wallet support/creation (suggested: Atomic), block explorer, blockchain stats, and SDKs (e.g. Javascript SDK for exchange integration)

We plan on replacing the industry standard Smart Contract with our own contract solution known as Trust Contracts. For Trust Contracts we plan on using WebAssembly (WASM) as it allows for easy validation, execution, and security when paired with D-Language.

  1. TokenNet Full Node

    - Solidity code for BOA's ERC20 TokenNet
    - Airdrop-signer
    - Registration & KYC

    Full Node
    - P2P Network
    - Gossip Protocol
  2. Full Node

    - Catchup Phase
    - Tx Data verification
    - Tx Sig verification
    - Tx Data layout
    - Single Tx Block
    - Add hash and singing Primitives
    - Multi Tx Blocks
    - Blockchain Data Serialization
    - Asynchronous Client
    - Memory Map file
    - Monetary Amount Handling
    - Transaction pool
    - Index File Fast Lookup
    - Update Libsodium v1.0.18
    - Add Timeout on network operations
    - Implement UTXO data structure
    - Add the ability to build Alpine Linux
    - Implement a checksum for disk load of block files
    - Inbound ban support
    - Block verification
    - Add agora/our dependencies to the project tester
    - Setup Windows build Setup GDC testing
  3. Settlement TestNet (Validator)

    Settlement TestNet (Validator)
    - Inbound ban support
    - Implement a protobuffer generator similar to the REST
    - Implement support for secp256k1
    - Implement Schnorr signatures
    - Add freezing capability to UTXO
  1. Settlement TestNet (Validator)

    Settlement TestNet (Validator)
    - Ensure that validators sign with a frozen UTXO
    - Validator creation
    - Transaction creation
    - Nomination protocol
    - Block creation
    - Simplified Payment verification(SPV)
    - Slashing protocol
    - Quorum balancing
  2. Settlement TestNet (Validator)

    Settlement TestNet (Validator)
    - Advanced administrative interface
    - Block rewards
    - Rate limitation
    - Node to node encryption
  3. Flash TestNet/Tool Integration

    Flash TestNet
    - Basic script execution engine
    - Payment Channel
    - Time locks
    - Path finding
    - Transaction replacement
    - Settlement rules

    Tool Integration
    - Atomic wallet integration
    - Publicly deployed nodes
    - Advanced administrative interface
    - Block rewards
    - Rate limitation
    - Node to node encryption
  4. Tool Integration/CoinNet

    Tool Integration
    - Implement auto-update software for Agora

    - Dedicated foundation nodes
    - Monitoring tools
    - Bug bounty
    - Begin DeFORA Integration
    - Test & Beta Launching
  1. CoinNet/Trust Contracts

    - Test
    - Launching

    Trust Contracts
    - Execution engine
  2. Trust Contracts

    Trust Contracts
    - IDE
    - Contract examples